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success, wealth, sales, deal, montblanc, pen, preparation, professional, luxury, luxurious, professionalism, memorable, ambitious, valuable, craftsmanship, driven, mindsetYou want to be a writer?

You want the luxury of getting paid for your creativity and art?

You want to work from home and the flexibility and freedom you feel from it?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the growth for writing jobs to hover around 8% between the years 2016-2026.  And writing jobs attract a lot of people, partially because of the freedom gained as writers create their own schedules.

And if your primary language is English, you are at a huge head start.

Personally, I think the estimate for writing jobs are underestimated and I will tell you why in a moment.

While great writers take many years to build their skills, it is possible for you to get started today. With so many platforms to publish your materials for free on the internet, you can start training right this second.success, mindset, think and grow rich, napoleon hill, bob proctor, wealth, finance, lifestyle, riches, money, lebron james, thomas edison, skills, talent, how to

This is one of the few jobs you can really start working on right now with the computer you have in front of you.

And the opportunity has become greater with the internet to write and make money online.

Building up your resume only takes a few articles on a free platform such as LinkedIn, WordPress, or Medium. Starting the search for jobs is as easy as creating an account on websites like Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr.

You can do these jobs from anywhere in the world which is great if you enjoy travel.

But here is an idea about the growth of writing jobs in the future. They are not accounting for how you can take writing skills you develop from your online writing jobs, and expand them into building your own business.

Eventually you can begin writing for yourself and building income that way.

To build experience, Writing Jobs Online provides jobs you can start working on that pay $500-$1000 for an e-book, or opportunities to work for$30-$120 per hour.Ideas, success, combine ideas, how to be successful, success, wealth, business

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This is a great way to start building your skills and launch a new career or business.

Start writing and enjoy your flexible hours. Writing online is a great way to start experiencing a new lifestyle. Whether your experience is in finance, pet care, horse training, business strategy, or even planting oranges, there is likely an opportunity for you.

Writing is one of the only online work from home jobs that pay you regularly and can help you create more income in the future for low start-up costs.

As you expand these skills you can incorporate them to build your own websites, and establish your own platforms, and publish your own books for future income.

Visit Writing Jobs Online and get paid to write online.

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