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I don’t even know if this book needs a review. Bill Gates gives a testimonial to Jack Welch’s “Winning” and Warren Buffett is quoted as saying “No other management book will ever be needed,” right on the cover of the book.

Those are plenty of reasons to go order a copy of “Winning” for yourself, right now.

But if you still want to know more, here is my take. “Winning” eventually led me to obtain my MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute. After I read the book, I found that Jack Welch launched a business school, and it was an incredibly worthwhile experience. But let’s focus on the book here.

Every business leader can gain great insight from “Winning.” Even if you are an entry-level employee, and you eventually want to be a business leader one day, you can benefit by understanding what problems business leaders at all levels face. You can also get a leg up by knowing exactly what it is that most bosses want – and it is simpler than you think.

You see, that was one of my concerns. Here I am reading a book by one of the greatest business leaders of the century, how could I possibly apply anything he had to say? I am not leading an American made, globally recognized, Fortune 500 company to compete against some upcoming heavy-hitting rivals (namely China in the 80’s). But “Winning” does a great job of considering the perspectives of leadership from all levels of an organization.

I would even argue that part of Jack Welch’s success was a result of his ability to recognize the challenges and concerns of people at every level of a company.

Jack Welch shares multiple stories and even mistakes in “Winning” that highlight the importance of what it means to be a good leader, and how to live up to being a leader.

The only person I can see “Winning” not being a top read for right off the bat is an entrepreneur who is bootstrapping their business. First off, because you may want to read books about the start-up and finding funding or your initial growth marketing strategies.

These are not the same challenges you will face at a major company as you try to build a career. Welch briefly talks about entrepreneurship as intrapreneurship and how to bring together and execute on ideas, but again, the book is more about business leadership than it is about starting up a company with very little money. It is nice to romanticize about the entrepreneurs who started from nothing and built their fortunes brick by brick, but fortunately, there are other ways to become successful as well.

Welch provides some insight into entrepreneurship, but “Winning” is definitely a book that is catered to establishing yourself at companies as a leader and manager. However, once things pick up as an entrepreneur, even as you grow to 3-5 employees, “Winning” would be a great read because at some point, you will need to grow your business, bring on new managers, and even find consultants.

“Winning” provides a straight-forward reference for just about any problem a manager of a small or large business could face.

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Emmett Ferguson is a Jack Welch Management Institute MBA. With a passion for people, he created this website to help others find advice to dream big, ignite passion, earn wealth, and achieve success.