Why Should Businesses Conduct Health Risk Assessments?

A health risk assessment utilizes a few different methods to determine what a person’s state of health and wellbeing is. This is information that can be used to predict disease, medical emergencies, illness, etc. In the workplace, there are several benefits associated with doing health risk assessments on employees. This process helps people understand what they need to do in order to become healthier and happier.

Understanding the Problem

Many people don’t understand that their lifestyle may be contributing greatly to how healthy they are or are not. People need to understand the problems that are present. It’s important that a company shows its employees how much they care. Providing health risk assessments is one way, but there may be follow up programs and services that can help everyone get healthier, according to The Commonwealth Fund. It’s also ideal to have healthy employees. This will cut down on sick days, increasing productivity overall.

Using the Information

Health information needs to remain private to a certain degree. Your health risk assessment results shouldn’t violate any kind of HIPAA rules that are present in the office. According to Carenet Health, the results from HRAs can be used to point employees in the direction of resources that can help them improve their health. You don’t have to inform other employees of what a specific person’s results are, but you can categorize people based on their results and give them the education that they need.

Risk Assessments

There are a few health concerns that scare people, and rightfully so. You can use a health risk assessment to inform a person when there is some sort of risk factor present in their daily life. This could be a risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, injury, diabetes, disease, etc. These risks may increase because of something that someone is doing. They may not be taking proper care of themselves; they could be a smoker, or they could drink excessively. Even in the workplace, they might not be taking the appropriate steps towards being safe on the job. Sometimes a person needs to hear the truth before they will start to make changes in their life.

If you are wondering how you can utilize a health risk assessment in your own company, there are several resources and businesses that provide information and services for this purpose. You can tailor your own health assessments to fit the people you have on-site and the type of environment that they are working in so they can best fit your needs.