We Don’t Talk Anymore: Communicating Effectively at Work

The level of productivity that a company experiences often relies a lot on how well employees are communicating with one another. There is also a level of communication that should exist between employees and upper management. In many companies, this communication isn’t occurring. If it does occur, it isn’t being done effectively. In many cases, upper management doesn’t know much about the people who are working for them. If you’re looking to improve the level of communication at your business, let’s look at some tips that can help.

Use a Combination of Face-to-Face and Digital Communication

There are many different methods of communication in this day and age. However, digital options are proving to be quite difficult for effective communication. According to a new survey of more than 250 communications professionals, 48 percent said that to the extent employee engagement is important to their organizations, companies need to rethink digital workplace internal communications. Speaking in-person is still a great option. It allows you to see a person’s facial expressions, you can hear what they are saying, and you’ll be able to understand their message better. That doesn’t mean you should completely give up on digital methods. Try a combination of both to see what happens.

Ask Questions

Employees should always be encouraged to ask questions, especially when they need help. No question is unnecessary if it helps someone learn how to do their job better. If people are nervous about asking a question in front of their colleagues, come up with a system of submitting questions anonymously. The questions can be addressed at team meetings or in a group email. 

Handle Conflict Positively

It is inevitable that conflict will arise within the office. A disagreement could occur because of two differing opinions. It’s important that everyone handles this issue positively and professionally. Have a method of dealing with inner-office conflict. Make sure the problem is addressed for both parties, in a way that won’t harm the flow of business. You also want to make sure everyone is getting along with each other. Being able to handle conflict in a mature, productive manner is an essential characteristic of a good leader.

It’s very important that everyone in your office gets along and can communicate properly. Not everyone has excellent communication skills. You might want to offer some training sessions or team building exercises as a way for people to communicate things that have been on their mind. Learning how to communicate more effectively will help generate better morale and increase productivity.