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You Are Powerful

I majored in a field of science, and I think that made me skeptical of Tony Robbins. Seminars where people are required to shout and dance to increase their energy and where people are “healed” is what I believed he did. It was all a bit too “mystical yoohoo” for me; of course you can increase peoples energy by making them dance, I thought.

Such a simple perspective I had on personal development.

But something happened to me that made me dive into studying personal development. I would go to the library and skim through books such as “Unlimited Power” thinking, ok, I’ve heard that, heard that, heard this, oh this is kind of new, but I heard something similar to it. I was sure stubborn. But that attitude wasn’t going to help me get where I wanted to go.

If you are a skeptic like me, I ask you to risk just an hour to visit a local library and start reading his book with an open mind, for FREE. Or watch some of his YouTube videos with an open mind. It can change you and help you improve anything you are looking to improve.

And then something hit me like a truck that made me realize I needed to stop discrediting everything, especially when someone spends such an extensive career helping so many people (I’m talking about Tony Robbins).

So there I was sitting with the massive book that is “Unlimited Power”; not a casual book to read on a bus ride. You need to be fully engaged with it, as you do with any of Tony Robbins’ programs. You have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally engaged with the material in order to get more of its’ benefits.

By the time I overcame my skepticism and decided to start diving into “Unlimited Power” I have to say my life has shifted tremendously. The ideas in the book are not something to take lightly.

I want to keep talking about the many cool ways the book has changed my life, or how the different parts of the book have affected me, but there is another book review I will go into for that, and that is Tony Robbins other book “Awaken the Giant Within” which is a more comprehensive and newer version of “Unlimited Power.” 

If I had to suggest reading only one of the two books, I would say read “Awaken the Giant Within” also by Tony Robbins. However, there is something incredibly valuable you can gain from reading both “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Most NLP Practitioners and Tony Robbins included talk about the concept of modeling.  And if you want to model and learn from Tony Robbins, and study how he got started, the book “Unlimited Power” provides great insight into the early stages of a successful career. It also has a lot of powerful activities and ideas in it. But if you are not looking to study or learn how a career changes over time, you can skip straight to “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Secondly, even if you read “Unlimited Power” first, you can still get the benefit of having more “advanced reminders” of how to be the best person you can when you read “Awaken the Giant Within.” 

Despite the size of “Unlimited Power” with over 400 pages, it is a pretty smooth read. Robbins does a great job of keeping you engaged with useful advice, actionable activities, and more.

For me, I spent a lot of time researching and studying the concepts Tony Robbins talks about. He is the father of the coaching industry, and as such, you can gain a greater appreciation for it when you dive into studying coaching. However, you don’t need to do that to get value out of “Unlimited Power.”

What is important, is to be open to the ideas, or at least that was the hardest thing for me. But if you are open to transformational books that can enhance and improve your life, “Unlimited Power” is a great way to take a huge step forward.

I will give the book a 5/5 simply for boldness. It takes someone who really wants to, and has the ability to help people, to come up with a book like “Unlimited Power.”

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Author: Em Fe

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