Two book recommendations that will make you a better writer over night

Writing is one of the top skills today for anyone who wants to start their own independent business, and you can improve your writing skills overnight by reading these two books. Estimated time is about 4.5 total hours.

Even if you can build a website…
Even if you can get a bunch of followers to your social media…
Even if you can create an email list…

You will need some level of skill in writing or at least a partner who handles the writing. But writers are expensive. Even video and audio often requires a good writer if you are trying to sell something, or at least know the skills of how to create advertising copy.

But it isn’t just any type of writing.

There is a very specific skill internet/digital marketers and advertisers need, and that is the ability to write persuasively, or also known as copywriting.

After studying a handful of courses on copywriting, along with the video sales letters and sales page letters of some of my favorite online products, I came across these two books:

“This book will teach you to write better” by Neville Medhora
“The Boron Letters” by Gary and Bond Halbert

And best yet, they can both be read consecutively, between your evening dinner and breakfast the next morning. You’ll even have time to grab some zzz’s.

Combined, those books will teach you to:

+ Write for impact and action
+ Capture people’s attention through your words
+ Grasp some of the fundamental techniques used by the top persuasive writers
+ Make friends with the people you are writing to who you eventually want to have as clients
+ Use powerful frameworks and methods to apply to your writing so it sounds better without even having to learn new grammar techniques
+ and much more…

These are impactful, straight to the point books with just enough details to get you going.

Wish you the best

P.S. If you want to become an entrepreneur or start an online business, Content is King. Even if you do not want to be a writer, having knowledge in this area will be valuable, and you can learn some tactics over night! So check out the books on Amazon:

“The Boron Letters” by Gary and Bond Halbert

“This book will teach you to write better” by Neville Medhora

Author: Em Fe

Emmett Ferguson is a Jack Welch Management Institute MBA. With a passion for people, he created this website to help others find advice to dream big, ignite passion, earn wealth, and achieve success.