Tools for Great Salesmanship (It might be what you think)

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If you are in sales, I am sure you have studied the greatest salespeople from Jeb Blount, to Brian Tracy, to Zig Ziglar, to W. Clement Stone, to Frank Bettger and many more. Their works will stand the test of time in the world of selling, but what really separates the best salespeople?

Is it the knowledge of closing questions and objection handling, or simply getting over their fear of prospecting? You and I both know it is more than those factors because there is a certain attitude, mindset, and level of desire for achievement that many salespeople have that helps them become the best. It is deeper than just walking into the office with a smile.

And Tony Robbins can help unlock the fullest potential in salespeople because he has developed the tools to motivate, eliminate limiting beliefs, and build the tremendous passion in people necessary to succeed in the tough business of selling.

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Author: Em Fe

Emmett Ferguson is a Jack Welch Management Institute MBA. With a passion for people, he created this website to help others find advice to dream big, ignite passion, earn wealth, and achieve success.