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How to Write Better

There are very few books that pack as much punch into less than 60 pages as “This book will teach you to write better” by Neville Medhora.

More is not always better. The reason why a lot of modern non-fiction books seem “longer” is that there is oftentimes a lot of filler because sometimes ideas need to be sold to the reader. Those books sometimes present extensive “pitches” before delivering the final idea.

You might even get a few pages worth of introducing the idea. Good writers do this for good reason, just like how fiction writers need a good cliffhanger or need to create a climax, otherwise, the end result is just not as fulfilling.

In “This book will teach you to write better” Neville Medhora does a fantastic job of both “selling you” on the ideas in the book, while also giving you precise actions that you can take to improve your writing, instantly. But I understand the word “sell” can be scary.

The book is not one long pitch to sell a course or anything, although there is a course you can purchase.  But the thing is, ideas need to be sold. Why is it that someone can hear about a product from an acquaintance and not think twice about it, but as soon as the product is pitched by a celebrity, suddenly it is worth attention? Because things need to be packaged and sold (or at least marketed).

This is true for books as well. It is a fine art to write in a fashion that will motivate someone to take action to improve their lives because many who say “I’ve heard that before” or “that won’t work” will not do anything, and consider the idea useless. The ability to package ancient wisdom in a way that someone will value it is a valuable skill. And Neville Medhora does it superbly in a minimalist fashion.

This book will teach you how to write better by [Medhora, Neville]

This is stuff that you can get started right away either by writing a letter to a friend, a Tweet to your followers or in formulating a new sales message to a client.

Although it does not state it, “This book will teach you to write better” is primarily for those who are content creators who need to write to either engage an audience or sell a product. You might call this copywriting. However, the ideas presented by Neville Medhora could possibly even be applied to modern fiction as well.

The chances are, some of the main ideas in the book have been heard of before, but they are packaged very effectively so that the reader absorbs the information in just the right amounts.

It is a fast enough read that you can get all the information in an evening, but it is long enough to feel like you learned something.

I personally read it and started crafting new sales messages, and I have to say some of them helped me get a higher response rate than some of my more complex pitches.

“This book will teach you to write better” fulfills on the promise to teach you to write better by condensing a lot of ideas from other great copywriting books.

After finishing it, and doing some writing, I couldn’t help but think to myself that sometimes I make things harder than they need to be. Some of the ideas presented in “This book will teach you to write better” are obvious, but sometimes you need a good mentor to tell the ideas to you in an easy to understand format.

I have personally written and self-published 6 books to date, wrote hundreds of articles, and still got a lot of value out of “This book will teach you to write better.” 

It was a solid reminder with basic to more advanced techniques for writing effectively, especially for today’s fast-paced social media-driven world.

I give “This book will teach you to write better” a 4.5/5 because it does an amazing job of giving you some of the most solid foundations with which to write better. Compiling such valuable information in an entertaining way that motivates me to buy into the ideas is a very noteworthy skill, and Neville Medhora does a great job of it.

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