Think and Grow Rich: Achieve Success, Confidence, and Material Wealth

Think and Grow Rich: Achieve Success, Confidence, and Material Wealth

Think and Grow Rich Original Unedited 1937 Text

Napoleon Hill teamed up with Andrew Carnegie in the 1930s to create the famous book that has impacted over 100 million lives including Tony Robbins, Frank Giustra, Oprah Winfrey, Kendrick Lamar, Bruce Lee, and many more.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Dear Ambitious Reader,

Have the confidence to dream bigger, ignite your passion, take a risk, attain material wealth, and find success. It is within your power to achieve, no matter where you came from, what your position is currently, what your education is, nor what other people say you are capable of.

Think and Grow Rich has helped many find greater prosperity in their lives and it can for you too.

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

Learn to find all the success you desire.

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From Think and Grow Rich, you can:

  • Learn how successful historical leaders accomplished tremendous feats in their own lives including WM. Wrigley, Jr, Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers, and Woodrow Wilson through documented quotations and stories.
  • Uncover what to do and how to do what you need for greater success in your life through activities and ideas.
  • Develop the skill, no matter what you currently believe you are capable of, to take your business, relationship, or career to the next level by putting the Think and Grow Rich concepts into action.
  • Plan your next big project, product, service, or solution by organizing your thoughts with step by step guidance.
  • Transform your life to attain the self-confidence to go after the wealth you deserve and become unstoppable.

Think and Grow Rich Original Unedited 1937 Text

Think and Grow Rich has helped many of the great businesspeople, artists, and athletes of today, and the roots of many modern success principles can be traced back to it because they stand the test of time.


There are many versions and independently published copies.

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The Original Unedited 1937 Text contains the original words written to launch the massively successful book.

Originally printed in March 1937, this reproduction was also a personal copy to Napoleon Hill. Read it as it was originally written.

There may be modern interpretations of Think and Grow Rich but the original fundamental ideas for building wealth and success stay the same.


P.S. Your significant other, family, managers, and/or business partners will appreciate you putting the ideas in this book into action.