“Strengthsfinder 2.0” by Tom Rath Assessment and Book Review – Focus on Your Strengths

Focus on Your Strengths

I completed “Strengthsfinder 2.0” assessment nearly 5 years ago, and it still is one of my top five favorite personal assessments even compared to other free and paid assessments including DiSC, Myers-Briggs, and a variety of other adaptations for different jobs. I only wish I could take it again, but the creators recommend that it only be taken once.

I was introduced to it by a former leader-boss who said it was used as a tool at a previous company he worked at (a MAJOR company) to build teams. As someone who is constantly seeking self-improvement, I had to try it out.

The assessment itself is relatively simple and straightforward. You buy a copy of the book (or just the voucher), register, and then complete it online right from your home.  After you get the results of your strengths, you can go through the book (or the online results file) to gain a better understanding of your personal strengths, and how to apply them.

It even tells you exactly who you can partner up with in order to balance out your strengths and weaknesses for when you start to build or join teams.

I won’t go too into detail with “how it works” simply because you can easily find that out. What is important is what it did for me, and maybe “Strengthsfinder 2.0” could do it for you as well.

First, “Strengthsfinder 2.0” felt pretty accurate and helped solidify a few beliefs I had.

Second, the assessment also helped me gain some clarity and focus on what I am good at, and what I should look for in potential business partners. This awareness is powerful. And I am sure if the assessment is done as a team-building activity, that it could yield even greater results. I did it as an individual.

Third, the book provides many great actionable ideas that you can do in your personal and professional life to maximize your strengths.

I think the philosophy of “Strengthsfinder 2.0” is executed very well. By focusing on your more natural strengths, you can go much further than you might if you are constantly worried about your weaknesses.

Even with the extensive assessments I have personally used, I felt “Strengthsfinder 2.0” gave me one of the best comprehensive “actionable steps” to move forward with.

As far as assessments go, I give “Strengthsfinder 2.0” a 4.5/5 (I don’t know if there is a 5).

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