Set a New You Resolution, not just a New Year Resolution

As we move into the new year, I want to share with you something that may positively change your life, because they have positively changed mine.

You see, most people are going to set goals and resolutions, yet most will stop progress before the first two months. This could be from a variety of reason from setting the wrong goals to lack of motivation to a series of limiting beliefs. And failing a goal can lead to greater pains reducing confidence.

I am not saying this description is of you, because I know you are different. You want to aim higher.

What if you could confidently create bigger goals for yourself? Ones you dreamed of that provide you with the opportunity to live life to your fullest potential? And what if someone gave you the tools to help achieve those goals? What would that be worth to you?

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Author: Em Fe

Emmett Ferguson is a Jack Welch Management Institute MBA. With a passion for people, he created this website to help others find advice to dream big, ignite passion, earn wealth, and achieve success.