Sell Other Peoples’ Products

Billions of dollars are spent each year on sales training both internally and externally. Billions more dollars are spent on digital marketing to help increase the sales of products or services.

Some sales come from high budget items or major deals for industrial technology such as jet engines or manufacturing machines. Some sales come from clicks on a website.

When we think of sales, we might imagine the sales process, understanding buyer needs, prospecting, developing a marketing funnel, and more. We imagine years of training, building relationships, and building the skills necessary to succeed as a salesperson.

But what if you spent most of your life learning a different set of skills? What if you are more analytical, or an inventor, or mechanical?

No matter what you do in life, chances are you will still need to learn how to sell whether it is your own idea, your own business, or even if it is selling yourself on an idea. And yes, developing the skills to be the sales representative for a globally recognized company does require certain finesse.

However, if you are that more technical person, or you want to focus your strengths elsewhere instead of retraining, you can still sell other peoples stuff online.

Now let me explain.

The concept of sales is simple. A salesperson sells a companies product, and they get a commission. 

The process might involve face to face meetings, phone calls, contracts, paperwork and more. It can be complicated, and some people might even spend an entire career learning about and selling a single product. 

But there is an opportunity today. While you still need to understand and learn about what it is people value, there is a way for you to sell other peoples products from the comfort of your home.

You have heard of the concept plenty of times, and probably asked questions like:

  • “How do I make money from home?”
  • “How does a blogger make money?”
  • “How can I make money online?”

If you do not have the infrastructure to develop your own products, and you are trying to make some income, one of the best things you can do is start to sell other peoples’ products.

There are so many ways to do it. One might try connecting with a manager and participating as a middle man salesperson. 

Or, there is an even simpler route.


You can research products that people are searching for, find a company that sells it through a website like ShareASale and sell it through content you create.

This is great for creative entrepreneurs, or people who are not yet ready to make cold calls for large deals, and even technical people who want some extra income.

This method of selling other peoples stuff is all about creating and learning about demand and building around it.

We can save the complex sales cycles and processes for much bigger deals.

And remember, we are all sales people at some point in our lives.

Wish you success.

P.S. The fundamental key is to understand what it is people want.

==> Get started today.