ONLY 2 ways to Make Money Online

There are only TWO ways to Make Money Online – and here they are…

If you have ever wanted to work from home, or just want a job that provides you a little more freedom to sleep in on weekdays, or even want to take advantage of the massive opportunities on the internet, keep reading this article. I am about to share with you the ONLY 2 ways to Make Money Online.

Maybe you’ve heard of Fiverr, Freelancer, Cost Per Click Advertising, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and more… All of those fit into one of two categories of making money online…

Most people overcomplicate things, but the fundamentals are truly simple when it comes to making money through the internet, social media, search engines, YouTube, or even your own website.

The two, FUNDAMENTAL ways to make money online are:

  1. Get someone to pay you for a service which might involve some face to face interaction or voice to voice phone call.
  2. Get someone to CLICK A LINK to buy something.

That’s it. Those are the only two ways to make money online.

Number 1: Get someone to pay you for a service which might involve some face to face interaction or voice to voice phone call is very self-explanatory, so let’s get into NUMBER 2: GET SOMEONE TO CLICK A LINK to buy something.

Everything from Affiliate Marketing, to Blogging, to making money from YouTube ads, video marketing, and digital copywriting has the goal of getting someone to click a link and purchase a product or service.

When a blogger places an advertising banner on their website, their goal is to create a website that is interesting enough for a target audience to visit the website, and eventually CLICK THE BANNER (link).

When a person is selling their Affiliate Products (for example through Amazon), they write reviews or content or create videos to entice someone into clicking their link to go to visit the product page on Amazon.

Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and all other e-commerce websites have the goal of making everything about their website motivate a customer to click to add a product to a cart, and then to click the purchase button.

When you are creating an advertisement on Google or Facebook, you are creating something that puts the right product in front of the right customers face so that they click the link.

When you become famous on YouTube and want to bring in advertising dollars and sponsors, you are 1) selling your service, and sometimes you are 2) getting your viewers to click through the video advertisement link or a link in your description that goes to a product or client business page.

When you click “Purchase” which sends your credit card information over to a processing system through the internet, you are clicking a LINK. That is where money starts to change hands, and all parties get something they value.

But now that it is all simplified, it is time to dive in a bit more on what this all means. The fundamentals are easy to grasp for making money online, but the individual skills that make it happen require a bit more study. You also have to do it with integrity.

Every skill – graphic design, copywriting (persuasive writing), keyword planning, SEO, video production, writing and publishing ebooks – as they relate to making money online has the goal of getting people to click a link.

The skills listed just now are the individual skills people might need to motivate a link click. They can also be sold “as a service” but if you are building an online business, or trying to make money online, and prefer to “build some calluses on your hands” by doing the work for yourself, you will need one of a combination of skills.

One common way to make money online is called Affiliate Marketing, and that is essentially getting someone to purchase someone else’s product, by clicking through your link.

  • Affiliate Marketing is how some people are making 7-figures a year online, and living their dreams.
  • Affiliate Marketing is how you can create a website, leave a link on your website, and if your page is written well enough, you can just let it sit to help you generate income.
  • Affiliate Marketing is how people who love marketing and/or creating content but do not necessarily have the knowledge to manufacture, distribute, and invent new products, can partner with other smart people to earn a living online, passively.

And Affiliate Marketing is not difficult to learn. It is something you can quickly learn to do because there are many free resources out there such as this free webinar that tells you about some of the tactics HERE.

Making money online really is that simple. But it takes work because everyone can do it, and you need to learn some basic skills such as writing to make it happen. And you have to get started.

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P.S. Take your first step in Affiliate Marketing today. Lot’s of people talk about it because it works! You might not get to 5, 6, or 7 figures overnight or even over the next week or month, but if you dedicate enough time to anything, you will eventually find some success.