Jobs That Let You Choose Your Own Hours

Let’s face it—the normal 9-5 work schedule doesn’t always work so well these days, especially if you’re working from home. Between the difficulties faced by remote workers and the number of layoffs and furloughs, sometimes finding a new job just makes more sense. If you need more flexibility and control over the hours you work, you may be better off finding a job that lets you choose them.

Freelance Writer and Editor

Was English your favorite subject? Do you have an eye for grammar and syntax? If so, you may find that working as a freelance writer and editor is a good use of your skills. Some of the things you could find yourself writing or editing include blog posts or web copy. As a freelance worker, you set your own hours and can negotiate your own pay. If you’re writing, you can choose to get paid by the number of words you write or the number of finished pieces you produce. As an editor, you’ll most likely get paid for each project you complete.

Real Estate Agent

Maybe the housing market is booming where you live. In that case, you may find becoming a real estate agent to be an enticing prospect. As a real estate agent, you have more control over when you work, especially if you are working for yourself. You might be surprised by how much goes into becoming a real estate agent. One of the first things you’ll need to do is get licensed. To get your real estate license, you need to understand your state’s requirements. After you have your license, you’ll need to decide what sort of real estate you want to work in, as well as whether you want to represent sellers or buyers.

Ridesharing or Delivery Driver

If you love to drive and wish you could make money doing it, the good news is that you can. You can get paid to take people where they need to go as a rideshare driver, or you can bring food and goods to people as a delivery driver. If you work for companies like Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, or GrubHub, you can decide when you want to work and what jobs you want to take. It doesn’t get much more flexible than that. Whatever you choose, make sure your insurance will cover you if you drive for work. You may have to start carrying additional insurance, depending on your policy.

There are a lot of jobs that let you choose your own hours. Working as a freelance writer and editor, a real estate agent, or as a ridesharing or delivery driver are just some of the options out there. The job that works best for you will depend on your specific situation and needs, so keep them in mind when choosing a new job.

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