Industries That Benefit from a Booming Economy

By this point, it’s more than obvious that the economy has taken a hefty beating. The recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns left the country reeling and many of its citizens without jobs. That said, the one guarantee, as always, is that everything changes. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) we should see an economic upswing. That could mean that this is a good time to start looking for a job in industries that do well during a booming economy.


In 2018, over 10 million people had various jobs in the retail industry ranging from entry-level salespersons and cashiers to those management positions. With such a wide variety of positions, there are endless opportunities to work in retail. You don’t have to have a formal education to break in, though it certainly helps if you’re gunning for a supervisor or management position. The retail industry got hit pretty hard by the most recent recession, but as the economy recovers, you can expect people to return to something that more closely approximates their previously normal spending habits. Given the vast range of businesses that fall under the umbrella of the retail industry, your chances of finding a job that aligns with your interests are high.

Real Estate

Real estate careers are seen by many as an ideal way to become financially stable. Everyone needs somewhere to live, so real estate professionals will always be in demand. Of course, there is more demand when people feel more secure in their ability to find and retain a job, which is one characteristic of a booming economy. To land a career in real estate, you’ll need to become licensed in your state. You’ll need to take a course to gain the requisite education to pass your licensing exam. An online real estate course gives you more flexibility to work when you have other responsibilities.

Internet of Things

When the economy is thriving and people have residual income, they are more likely to spend money on things they don’t technically need. Enter the Internet of Things. Of course, with the surge in work-from-home jobs and increased reliance on the internet and technology, the IoT is likely to enjoy a transition from a luxury to something more approximating a necessity for some. As such, you can expect jobs in the IoT industry to do well as the economy recovers. If you have a mind for technology, that’s an industry worth checking out.


Not every industry benefits from a booming economy (we’re looking at you, medical industry), but many do. Retail, real estate, and the internet of things are just three examples. As you look to advance your career, consider looking for one in one of these fields to allow yourself to take advantage of the economic upswing that is hopefully right around the corner.

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