How Your Company Can Focus on Employee Wellness

There was a time when employees could go home at the end of the day and be done with their job until the following morning. However, the employees of today are much more connected than those of past generations. To avoid stress and burnout, it’s critical that employees get the chance to protect their health while they’re at the office.

Create an Employee Wellness Program

One of the big challenges to employee wellness is that bad choices are easy. Candy bars store well, and they’re packaged to be sold as single items. Drive-thru breakfasts are seldom the healthiest option. To create a successful employee wellness program, your task may be as simple as making healthy choices easier. If it’s your job to bring in donuts for a Saturday rush, change things up by reducing the donut count and adding fruit or whole grain bagels to the mix. Contact local gyms and see if you can get a group rate for your employees, and then offer this as a benefit.

Host a Company Health Fair

Bring in guests who excel at marketing health products. These could include dietary supplements, massage sessions, or time with personal trainers. This should be a small investment for your organization. In fact, you should only need to provide the space and a bit of time off. There are a number of free vendors that you can contact to host a health fair at your company. In addition to letting vendors market their products, you could contact a local non-profit health organization such as the YMCA or a church-based hospital to come in and offer blood pressure screenings and BMI checks. Make sure to provide this as paid time to your employees to encourage attendance.

Encourage Disconnection

It’s true that you need your employees to be working when they’re at the office. However, if you have employees who never seem to stop working, you have a potential problem on your hands. High stress levels can lead to a series of health risks that could actually shorten the lives of your personnel. If you work seven days a week and your employees know it, stop. Make sure that you take mental health days and broadcast that information.

Time is the most precious resource we will ever have. You have to make sure to use your time in a way that’s exemplary to your employees. Encourage your employees to use the vacations they’ve accrued to relax and recharge, and try to turn highly stressful work schedules into times of camaraderie and connection with coworkers.