How Underappreciated Neat Freaks Can Easily Make an Extra $500+/Month

Your ability to make a clean and welcoming home is valuable, and it can be used as an income stream!

Dear Reader,

Over 100,000,000 people traveling around the world are looking for a place to stay when hotels and motels just don’t work out. And today, there is an easy way for you to safely wow potential travelers with your amazing neatness, and make money at the same time. This means you can get paid for your skills!

Your co-workers, friends, and even family might not always appreciate how clean your home is (when they have the opportunity to stop on by). But there is someone out there who will. They might even write raving reviews about how neat your home was!

There are people already out there making an income to pay off the mortgages of their rental properties by sharing the homes they aren’t even living in, and they aren’t providing as nice and clean of a place to stay as yours.

And here is how this all works…

Travelers who are using Airbnb pay anywhere from less than $100 to over $1000 per night to allow guests to stay either in their homes, apartments, spare bedrooms, and even couches (with room dividers). Locations range from exotic destinations in foreign countries to random neighborhoods in smaller cities. And people can rent between one day to multiple week extended stays (and you can update any limits you want to set through Airbnb).

So what’s the cost?

You will have to pay Airbnb a small cut on your earnings. They provide you with all the technology after all.

And with any customer service, you will want to keep your place nice between each guest so you can do some cleaning. Airbnb is a community, and guests and hosts can comment on each other, so be nice. And of course, you will want to set expectations of what the guest can expect when you create your hosting account.

This is an especially wonderful method if you enjoy sharing how much you know and love about your city with new people. You can leave maps, tell them about the best nearby restaurants, and even what fun hiking trails are nearby.

And even if you aren’t the most social person, by setting expectations on your profile. Again, this is where the importance of community and your ability to rate each other comes in. If you don’t see your guest at all, they have no expectation in that sense anyway!

So here is the math…

If you offer up a couch, an apartment, or even an entire villa for just $100+ per night for five days (which I think is on the conservative end), you can easily earn $500+/month in extra income!

Imagine all the things you could do with that extra income!

Fix a leaky faucet… Buy a new microwave… Car payments… A vacation of your own… New pillows… A new couch, television, or kitchenware…

The possibilities are endless!

This is an easy way to earn a living, by making use of an incredibly valuable skill you already have. Don’t let your wonderful talents go to waste another month. Wear the title of a neat freak with pride!

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