How to Start Driving for a Rideshare Service on the Side

If you’re looking for an easy, super flexible job to add to your income, consider rideshare driving! As a driver, you set your own hours of availability, meet new people, and make a good amount of money just for getting your guests to or from their destinations. Getting into ridesharing is an easy process—follow the tips below for a smooth start!

Sign Up for an App

As GigLaunch points out, there are a number of companies and platforms for ridesharing, each offering different layouts or processes for their business. Look into the differences between each app, the benefits offered, and the requirements needed, and determine which platform is the best fit for your needs. Keep in mind the ways you can increase your productivity on the app, and the popularity of the app in general, as these may have a big impact on the number of clients you are able to reach. In addition, while rideshare jobs are flexible they may still have guidelines on minimum amounts of hours or times of high-need that you may be required to be available for, so be ready to alter your schedule if necessary.

Pass a Background Check

Just about every rideshare company will require a background check to get started (and may even require regular background checks throughout your time with them. Because the safety of you and your passengers is of the utmost importance, these checks are meant to assure that you are capable and responsible enough to drive professionally. As Rogers Beltran points out, a conviction such as a DUI can have long-term consequences for your ability to drive, and other convictions for drug or substance abuse can be red flags for driving companies. Drive safe and live safe, and these companies will be eager to have you.

Prep Your Car

You aren’t the only one that will be checked for safety and readiness—your car should also be up to code on safety measures (functioning seatbelts and airbags, brakes and engines, even air conditioning). Make sure your car is running smoothly to prevent potential issues on your drives. Furthermore, make sure your car is clean, that it looks professional for your passengers to feel comfortable in. Some drivers go the extra mile for positive reviews and provide drinks, snacks, or even the aux cord to make their drive relaxing. The better your car looks and feels, the more likely you are to be picked for a ride and the better your reviews will be.

This is a great opportunity for making money with some of those extra hours you have to spare. Look into different companies, and prepare yourself and your ride, and you’re ready to go!

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