How to Make a Career Change to a Completely Different Industry

You may have found that the industry in which you work isn’t all you wanted it to be. While it may feel challenging (or even impossible) to change course once you are in a career, it is possible to enter a new industry successfully. Networking, educational qualification, and establishing your value in this new field will make the transition feel less like moving a mountain.

Start Networking in the Industry

Networking is the best opportunity builder. Communicate with people you know who have any connection with or relation to the industry you are interested in entering. This serves a couple purposes: first, it allows you to research niches that you may feel most successful in as you learn about organizations and the requirements of different jobs. Second, it inserts your name into circulation with people you may want to work with in the future, familiarizing your name with the people within the industry and thereby making your entrance less intimidating.

Get Educational Qualifications

Make sure you are capable of fulfilling the requirements of the career you intend on switching to! Educational qualification will help potential employers feel confident in your work. Because school can be difficult to manage while in the middle of a full-time job, you should consider taking online courses, as this will give you more flexibility. There are many options of courses and certification programs that can help you feel more “in the know” in your new industry, even allowing you to specialize in specific areas that will give you an edge in the crowd of employees.

Establish Your “Crossover”

Utilize your past experience! Likely whatever you want to switch to will have something in common with what you have been doing. Make that a selling point in your self-marketing to employers. You already have a specialized area of expertise in your “old” field—create a narrative or pitch promoting that knowledge as a special skill you have to offer, a new perspective that can benefit this industry in ways it did not have available before. Not only does this make you stand out, it will increase your own confidence that you can work well, and you have been successful before. Rather than starting from scratch, build off of what you have and what you know, and you will hit the ground running.

Entering a new industry is not an impossible task! Get to know people, get to know the industry, and let the industry use your perspective to its benefit. You will find the transition is not as intimidating as it seems.

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