How to Hire Better Employees

Whether you run a small business or a multinational corporation, your company’s most valuable asset will always be the people who work for and represent your business. Hiring new employees is always both a new opportunity and a gamble since you never truly know who you’re going to get. Here are three things to consider when revising your company’s hiring practices to ensure you attract better employees.

Check References

Calling a candidate’s references is a great way to get insight into the person you’re thinking of hiring. References can be past employers, colleagues, or previous educators of your applicant. Glowing references are obviously an encouraging sign and indicate that you’re on the right track with your candidate. However, according to Top Echelon, even when a not so great reference arises, that does not always indicate a bad candidate. For many, past mistakes can be learning opportunities, which manifest in stronger candidates for future employers.

Identify Skills

If you are hiring for a job that requires a specific skill set, you may want to conduct a trial test when screening applicants. According to The Hire Talent, hiring skilled employees helps improve your talent management process. Ensuring that your candidate already has the skills needed to complete his or her job will save time and preserve resources in terms of training, onboarding, and more. Plug-and-play candidates can help you to maintain production and stay on track for any existing project goals.

Ask About Other Experience

While past job titles may indicate one thing, the context of where a candidate has worked may indicate another. In small businesses, job responsibilities often leak into other areas. An accountant may perform miscellaneous HR duties, while a project manager may also have duties in sales and marketing. Additionally, you should consider all of the candidate’s  experience, even if it was unpaid. According to Moving Worlds, volunteer activity is a great way for people to gain experience in new fields and also meet a few new references along the way. Whether your candidate has served on a volunteer board, offered skill-specific assistance to an organization, or simply contributed time to a cause he or she cares about, these are all indicators of the individual’s character and ability to complete the task at hand.

Hiring and retaining talent for your organization helps to ensure your business’ longevity and profitability. Not only do you rely on employees to perform various duties and tasks, but they also function as walking embodiments of the values of your company. Employees not only need to have the right talent and experience, but they also have to fit in with your corporate culture. Ask the right questions, give a test, and look at volunteer experience when conducting your next hiring interview.

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