How Make Your Commute More Pleasant

For many of us, commuting is the least favorite part of our workday. Studies have shown that our commutes are growing longer, clocking in at just over twenty-six minutes as of 2015. This is a lot of time to spend behind the wheel, and workers are increasingly thinking outside the box when contemplating the easiest way to get to work.

Give Yourself More Time

Experts agree: for all too many of us, the daily commute remains stressful. One source of stress is the hurry involved. The temptation to sleep later is not worth the stress involved when your trip is delayed by unforeseen accidents and traffic jams. There are many benefits to leaving early, including less traffic to navigate. You will also impress your boss when they see you come in early. You will also enjoy the relative peace and quiet of being first in the office.

Bike to Work

Bikes are an increasingly popular option for commuters. Eschewing the car saves money on gas and as well as upkeep and repairs. It can be a relaxing way to get to work as well. Instead of endangering your health—and heart—with the stress of driving, you can get to work and get exercise at the same time. However, be safe. You should follow safety guidelines before making it a regular part of your commute. Wear clothing that allows you to be seen by drivers. Be aware of drivers around you, especially those unaware that they are sharing the road. Finally, always wear a helmet—no exceptions!


Many major cities have now designated special carpool lanes, making carpooling a desirable alternative to going it alone. These highway lanes are usually less crowded and free of fender benders. There are other advantages to carpooling. If you are not driving, you can read the paper or even catch some needed shuteye. Conversely, you can enjoy a conversation with your colleagues and arrive to work in a better mood. Carpooling is also an easy way to go green; fewer cars results in fewer emissions and cleaner air.

There is no need for a stressful commute. Consider these and other alternatives to the solo morning grind. Not only will you be more productive in the office, you will be happier overall. You may even add years to your life, so try some of these tips today!

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