How Employers Can Be More Supportive of Women in the Workplace

Over the last few decades, women have made exponential strides in the way they are treated and supported in the workplace. However, despite these advances, there are still many improvements to be made. Here are three ways that employers and fellow employees can be more supportive of women in the workplace.

Pay Them Equally

It is no secret that throughout history women have traditionally been paid less than their male counterparts. This unequal pay has persisted despite females doing similar or even better work. One of the best ways that employers can support the career aspirations of women is to simply pay them equally. It is important to have business practices in place that continually guard against this type of pay discrimination. To do this, business leaders need to address their unconscious bias by undertaking a thorough pay gap analysis. Staying on top of the pay grade issue will help to ensure that women are being compensated in line with their male counterparts.

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment

In order for women to be productive, they need to feel safe in the workplace. Promoting a clear zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment will ensure that your place of business is safe for all employees, not just females. There are many types of sexual harassment, so mandatory training will help all employees know what behaviors are prohibited. The mandate for sexual harassment training and awareness needs to come from the upper echelons of the company. Mandating this training and making sure that every employee takes part in the process will send a clear message about the company’s position on this issue.

Support Family-friendly Practices

In addition to providing women with the maternity leave they need, employers should also make their transition back to work easier. Managers can do this by furnishing nursing rooms, offering flexible work schedules, and being supportive of women who are trying to balance the demands of work and motherhood. Savvy business leaders also understand the importance of extending family-friendly practices to the male workforce. Offering new fathers paternity leave and other benefits that promote healthy families will make a big difference in how women perceive the company and its attitude.

All of these efforts should work together in tandem to deliver a safe and encouraging workplace for females. By providing women with the support they need and deserve, everyone in the company will benefit.