Heading Back into the Office After Working Remotely? Tips for Putting Yourself Together So You Look like You Never Left

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people looked at work. After a year, the vaccine has come out, and people are finally able to head back to work safely. But a lot has changed over the course of a year. It may be hard to feel like things are back to normal when you look different. Here are some ways to change that.

Wear Clothes That Fit You

You should always wear clothes that fit you nicely. People have become accustomed to hanging out in sweatpants and t-shirts all day. While this is certainly more comfortable, you should probably start wearing clothes that look professional and fit well.

Obviously, you don’t want to dress formally all the time, but according to Gentleman Within, wearing well-fit clothes looks professional. You should seek out modern styles that complement your skin tone and body type. Flattering clothes not only reflect positively on your company, but they can also help you maintain confidence in yourself. Clothes have more power than you might think.

Get Your Hair Back Under Control

You also have to get your hair back in order. According to Blake Charles Salon, having some dry shampoo to deal with excess oil or some leave-in conditioner to control frizziness can make a real difference in how your hair looks throughout the day. You should also get a haircut if you’ve noticed split ends.

For men, hair isn’t usually as big of a concern. However, facial hair might not be allowed in your type of business because it “lacks professionalism”. In these cases, you might want to buy some new razors and trim down the beard until it is at a respectable length. Avoid unruly patches, and if it bothers you at a shorter length, just shave it all off.

Hit the Gym

Everyone’s physical health has likely taken a dip over the last year. If you have gained some unwanted weight, it might be time to exercise and go on a diet. Scheduling out your eating habits and exercise is an important step to maintaining upward physical health.

As far as diets go, choose a balanced one that works for you. According to Riverside, you should avoid sugar, eat plenty of vegetables, and get enough protein and fats to function throughout the day. Not only will this help you feel better throughout the day, but it can also keep you safe from COVID-19.

Now that you are heading back to in-person work, you can start feeling better and more confident in yourself. Dressing for success, getting back in shape, and taking care of your hair are all good ways to do this. Joy is found through self-care!

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