Get paid to play video games: Video Game Tester Jobs

You’ve probably already heard about some smart people who get paid to play video games and you wonder if it is an urban myth.

You’ll be happy to know it is NOT, and that it is a possibility for you too.

The video game industry is worth over $60 BILLION, and that continues to grow.

Even schools and the Olympics are creating video game teams. With so much competition out there, the games have to be absolutely flawless.

Here’s the thing.

If a video game is launched with too many bugs and issues, the developers can lose millions of dollars in sales because news can reach thousands of fans on Twitter in an INSTANT.

And with such big money on the line, it isn’t unusual for video game creators to pay a video game tester up to $30 an hour to push their games to the limits in order to repair any problems.

You must have experienced how fast time flies while playing video games. Imagine that while also earning money.

Make use of your time playing video games by getting paid up to $30 an hour for it. You are already playing them anyway.

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