Customer Obsessed: How to Tailor Your Marketing to Meet Demands

Markets are created by business but sustained by consumers. As a business owner, your success relies heavily on your effective efforts to connect with those consumers and then shape your business plan around their expectations of customer experience. Here are a few ways you can effectively market to the customer population in order to meet (or exceed!) those expectations.

Be Responsive

Social media is the perfect tool for publishing and gathering information on your products or services. Through posts, you expose your brand and purpose and the unique elements of your business to interested customers. Through the comments on your posts, you collect valuable questions, comments, and concerns that will help you adapt and evolve your business, working out any issues or altering your sales strategies. Chat with your commenters! Validate what they are worried about or confused by. Answer any questions as thoroughly and patiently as possible. Thank them for their time and investment in your business and let them know that their input is appreciated. This demonstrates your willingness to work with customers and your dedication to improvement.

Ask for Feedback

Request feedback from all of your customers. Understanding what you are doing well and what you should work on will help you prioritize your goals. Consider creating a team of marketing specialists who are focused on gathering the commentary of your consumers. Even if you don’t have much budget, you can still form an online insight community to help increase the quality of your feedback. Train your employees to answer and ask questions well. Find out where your consumers go for information, what kinds of changes they like, and how your business plays into their wants or needs. You might also consider incentivizing feedback from consumers with special discounts, inside scoops or offers, or points towards a loyalty rewards program.

Follow Social Trends

Keep up with the social trends driving the consumer population in their purchase decisions. Look at the most popular products, innovations, variety, and more that are available within your specific market. Find platforms to support that will pull in the attention and respect of your target audience. Once you have identified the things society is passionate about, you can then tailor your messages to show consumers how your business connects them to those passions in a unique way.

Everything you do should be focused on the customer: their experience, their expectations, and their desires. Be obsessed with these things, and with the customers themselves! Your dedication to their success will reflect directly on your own success.

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