How to Make Yourself a Stronger Job Candidate

So, you’re looking to get a new job. That’s great! But how can you make yourself stand out among perhaps hundreds of other candidates for what might be only one position? Easily. No need to worry—there are a few things you can do to guarantee you’re one of the applicants the employers remember.

Go Back to School

Adding new skills and education can make yourself a more attractive job candidate. Not only does it show you are qualified and know your stuff, but it also increases your worth to an employer.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient. Take advantage of online opportunities to further your education, such as programs for online licensing. Choosing an online licensing program can come with many benefits. Online, you can earn certifications, licenses, and even degrees, which allows for greater flexibility and less financial strain than you’d perhaps face in pursuing an on-campus education.

Refine Your Resume

Your resume is an essential part of any application. You want it to be targeted for the position for which you are applying. A really good resume, showcasing what you could bring to a certain job, will help you stand out further and hopefully get an interview.

It might help to have a professional resume service look yours over and make recommendations. They may catch issues or notice ways you can improve which may not be evident to your own eyes. Perhaps you have grammatical or spelling errors, or maybe your style is outdated. Professionals will be able to pinpoint places where you can polish up your document.

Make a Good First Impression

When it comes time for an interview, how you introduce yourself—even to the employee at the front desk—can make a lasting impression. Conduct yourself professionally and pleasantly. Dress well, make eye contact, and smile. Even your body language will communicate a message.

Do your research before your interview. Know about the company and the position so you can really wow your audience and make sure they remember you. Then, follow up with a thank-you note. Referencing specifics from the conversation can make a big impact on the person in charge of hiring. If you make an effort to present yourself as a kind, genuine person, they are more likely to want you on their team.

There are many ways to increase your desirability as a job candidate. Even the larger steps such as returning to school for further education can be completed easily. There is no reason why you can’t be the applicant who stands out in the hiring process.

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4 Techniques to Help You Overcome Addictive Habits

Addiction impacts millions of individuals of all ages around the world each day. With millions of people struggling with their own addictions, understanding how to overcome addictive habits is essential for the best chance of a complete and full recovery.

Create a Healthy Routine

Creating a healthy routine in your everyday life can significantly help you to stick to better lifestyle choices while eliminating temptations and falling into addictive habits. Improve your diet by eliminating processed and junk foods, exercise at least 30 minutes each day, and be sure to spend time outdoors and away from technology to provide your brain with a healthy break.

Learn About the Science of Addiction

According to SafeLaunch, learning about the science of addiction can help you to face and overcome your addiction head-on. Addictive behaviors may stem from past traumas, PTSD, or other underlying issues such as abuse or toxic relationships that have not been managed. Additionally, it is possible to exhibit addictive behaviors much earlier in life if you were exposed to substances at a young age or if you already have a genetic predisposition due to relatives who also struggle with addiction.

Seek Out Help

Seek out help and assistance from a local rehabilitation program. There is no shame in seeking out help for an addiction, as it is often necessary for long-term recovery and a life of sobriety. According to the Transformations Treatment Center, people who seek help to overcome addictive habits have a higher success rate. Seeking out help is possible with an inpatient rehabilitation program, an outpatient program, or even an intensive outpatient program, or IOP. Once you determine the type of help you require to face and conquer your own addictive habits, getting the help you need becomes much easier.

Build a Network of Support

According to Psych Central, building a support network of friends and family members can significantly improve your well-being while working towards a life of sobriety. Consider the friends and family members you have in your life that you can trust and rely on. Building your own support network is highly recommended, even if you are already enrolled in one or more rehabilitation programs to ensure you remain motivated and committed to sobriety.

Overcoming addictive habits is not a process that is simple by nature or possible overnight. However, with the proper guidance, assistance, and support, you can learn to live your life free from the chains of addiction.

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3 Tricks to Use When You’ve Hit a Wall

There are times in life when you feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel. You’re running steadily and giving it all you’ve got, but you’re getting nowhere. It’s discouraging, but giving up is not an option. Instead, try these three tricks to break through that wall and grab success.

Break the Wall Into Smaller Problems

The metaphorical wall you’ve hit is probably a complication that seems too large to solve. Just like a real wall is a stack of smaller bricks, a large problem is a stack of smaller ones. Rather than bludgeoning your way through, try dismantling the wall brick by brick. Take a moment to answer some questions. What caused this problem? What happened afterward to make it grow? Tackling these smaller issues one by one is simpler and less exhausting. Stay focused. Before long, the whole wall will disappear from your path.

Take a Step Back

Furiously throwing yourself at the problem isn’t going to work. You might as well throw yourself at a literal, physical wall. In the end, you’ll only wind up bruised and drowsy. That is the last thing you want to be. Honestly, being drowsy is as bad as being drunk. You can’t focus. Your response time is lowered. Not only is being drowsy as bad as being drunk, but it also comes with a whole other host of problems that really won’t help you. Your mind and body need rest. Without it, your health, both mental and physical, can tank. Stepping back can help you to avoid burning out.

Stay Motivated

Perhaps the most difficult part of breaking through a wall is staying motivated. It’s demoralizing to feel like no matter how hard you try, it isn’t good enough. It’s isolating to think no one sees or understands your struggle. But, you’re not alone. That there’s a need for this article is proof of that. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Take a break to clear your mind and tackle your struggles with renewed strength. Don’t admit defeat. Failure is frightening, but when you run from the chance of failure, you also run from the chance of success. Staying motivated is the only way to conquer that wall.

So, take a breath, gather your strength and tear that wall down. Just keep these three tips in mind going forward. It won’t happen overnight, and that only makes the victory sweeter.

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4 Unconventional Careers You Didn’t Know Existed

Whether you need a change from one career or you’re just starting out in the job market, you don’t have to stick to the run of the mill office hours with a 9-to-5 job or relegated to driving people around to pay your rent. There are some out of the ordinary jobs that might be just what you’re looking for.


Did you ever think that someone made the maps you use on your phone? A cartographer is a person who does that. Cartography is part science, part art. Training is necessary. Depending on where you live, though, a high school diploma and bachelor’s degree in a specialized geography program could lead you to a job as a cartographer. Your income could eventually be as high as $80K a year.


It sounds classy. You would be, too, if you decide to take the career path to be a sommelier. More than a waiter or waitress, you wouldn’t just pour the wine, you would know all things wine. There is training involved but worth it if you love the grape and want to share your knowledge with your customers in fine dining establishments. The beginning salary starts at about $30K a year. A master sommelier can make $100K or more a year.

Professional Organizer

If you like order and structure, you might love being a professional organizer. There is no formal training, and clients often pay anywhere from $50 to $200 or more per hour for someone to organize their stuff. Closets, kitchens, offices — you name it! If there is a mess somewhere, a potential customer in need is waiting to find out that you can help them.

Railroad Conductor

Railroad conductors are responsible for everything concerning his or her train. if you choose to become a railroad conductor, everything onboard including contents of the cargo area, communicating with your crew, tearing tickets, and the wishes of the passengers would all be your responsibility. You would not drive the train but would communicate with other trains and act in a supervisory position. Working as a railroad conductor is generally safe, however, anyone working on a railroad needs to be cautious about injuries common to the industry. On-the-job training is usually the way to become a railroad conductor. The average pay for a seasoned conductor is about $60K a year. If you love traveling by rail and meeting all kinds of people, being a railroad conductor might be the job for you. 

These are just a few of the career choices you have available to you whether you want to start your first career or are looking for a change with a new one. If you’re looking for a career change, make sure to take these versatile skills with you!

4 Fastest Growing Industries in Which You Should Get a Job

Finding the right job and career can be a tricky business. The job market regularly shifts and what may be hot today may fall by the wayside tomorrow. However, the following industries are experiencing rapid growth while also showing the potential to remain viable over the long haul.

Beverage Manufacturing

While craft breweries have become common in the past few years, beer is hardly the only beverage experiencing a craft renaissance. Wineries, distilleries, cider mills, and sparkling beverages have exploded in the craft beverage world. Indeed, as beer alternatives have risen, the craft beer market has leveled off. The industry, however, remains exceptionally strong. Diversified offerings, expansion into new markets and a focus on taprooms and direct distribution are ensuring strong markets for all craft beverages.

Car Sharing

Car sharing has become increasingly popular in the past decade with apps like Lyft and Uber appearing on the tech scene. With this increased popularity comes an increased demand for car sharing drivers. In fact, the worldwide car sharing market is estimated to grow by over 30 percent by 2020, due to more businesses using these services for their employees. And the good news is, all you need to know to succeed at this job is how to drive.  

Specialized Freight Trucking

The trucking industry, in general, is facing a distinct shortage of drivers, which means better wages and more openings. The most lucrative trucking options involve specialized trucking. This includes things like driving livestock haulers, dump trucks and auto carriers. Generally, most cargo that involves irregular shapes, loading, weights, and so forth fall into this category. Many companies will provide training in this specialized hauling and will provide regular work.

Pest Control

Research is predicting that pest control will see over a 5.5 percent expansion through 2020. This industry, in which agents remove insects and animals from homes and businesses, has grown rapidly with residential and commercial building spurts. Additionally, as the science behind things like insect sprays and chemicals has advanced, pest control agents are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable and specialized, with training provided by many companies. Being able to properly assess and treat a pest problem can be a tricky task and is not one likely to dry up anytime soon.

Whether starting a new career or contemplating a change in your life, these options could be what you are looking for. They all have been around for a long time, but are seeing unprecedented growth, profits and wages. Additionally, all look to be viable ways to earn money both now and for years to come.

How to Overcome Productivity-Killing Obstacles in the Workplace

No matter how hard you work to excel at your job, there are bound to be a few factors that get in your way. Learning to identify these obstacles and deal with them effectively is sure to increase your confidence and effectiveness in the workplace, so let’s take a look at some common work issues that sap productivity.

You’re Doing Too Much Work

It’s surprisingly easy to take on too much work to reasonably handle, especially if you’re the ambitious workaholic type. You might think that the best solution in most cases is for you to simply complete the task yourself, but your productivity will be crippled if you burn out.

If you’re feeling overloaded in the workplace, see if you can delegate helpful tasks to other employees. If there’s too much even for the whole team to handle, consider asking your boss if he or she would be willing to hire more people.


Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is a very real issue that can seriously hamper productivity. If you feel that one or more of your coworkers might be discriminating against you and hindering your ability to get your work done, then talk to your employer.

Be prepared for the talk by documenting all the details such as names, places, dates, and times. If you still cannot work out a solution in-house, even after repeated attempts to communicate with your employer, then file a claim. You can file an employment discrimination claim at the local EEOC office or on their website.

Your Coworkers Don’t Pull Their Weight

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to work cooperatively with your team, things still don’t get accomplished because your coworkers aren’t on the ball. If someone in the workplace tends to drag their feet or does a poor job of working with others, then it can kill productivity for everyone.

People come with many different personality types, and a simple change in your approach might be all that’s needed to smooth things out. If you can’t find a way to engage unproductive workers, then you may need to enlist a supervisor to help.

You’re Distracted by Digital Alerts

Do you get push notifications on your computer or phone from social media sites, email, or apps? If so, these might seriously slow down your productivity rate. It’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to quickly check on notifications, and every time you do, it saps some energy and breaks your concentration.

Go as minimalist as possible with alerts and notifications, or put your phone on silent and keep it face down while you work. Turn off desktop notifications for your email and allow only the most urgent ones, such as emails from your boss.

No matter how great your work ethic is, there are several obstacles that can pop up in the workplace to slow you down. Keep an eye out for these productivity-killing issues in the workplace and combat them effectively in order to get things done.

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4 Well-Paying Careers You Haven’t Thought Of

There was a time when the top three careers (healthcare, law, and upper management) were the only places you could obtain a high paying job. However, times have certainly changed within just the past few decades, and with that change comes new demands. Now you don’t have to choose from only three options; the world is truly your oyster. The following are our top four well-paying careers you haven’t thought of.

Air Traffic Controller

A career as an air traffic controller is often never anyone’s career choice. I mean, it can’t pay that much right? False, air traffic controllers are paid very well due to their incredibly important roles as navigators for city airports. In fact, an experienced air traffic controller can earn as much as $122K per year.

Pharmacy Technician

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by 32 percent. This means employers are ready to roll out the benefits in order to meet the demand. Pharmacy Technicians in most states have to pass an exam and attend some mandatory training, but nothing like medical school and residency. A pharmacy technician can see themselves earning upwards of $40K a year.

HVAC Repair

Unfortunately, labor jobs are often painted as beneath other careers that require a degree to obtain. However, there are certain labor jobs, such as being an HVAC repair technician. The fact is that both residential and commercial buildings will need HVAC repair at least once or twice a year. Thus, many technicians find themselves working year-round with a salary of up to $51K per year.


Do you like swimming and are you very good at it? Try your hand at a career as a SCUBA diver. Contrary to popular belief, SCUBA diver careers are not only found within military or law enforcement fields but in all kinds of fields. One of the most in-demand positions is that of a repairman for boats and or underwater equipment. Other industries hiring SCUBA divers are aquariums and golf clubs needing to clean their lakes of golf balls. A SCUBA diver can see themselves making a comfortable 50K+ a year.

A high paying career in today’s world doesn’t always require a university degree. There are plenty of careers out there that if you put the right research and effort behind can be a gateway to that amazing high paying job you’ve always wanted.

3 Career Fields That Let You Be Your Own Boss Without a Degree

A large part of the American Dream is working for yourself and earning a living without having to answer to anyone. However, there is a perception that you need advanced degrees to reach that far, which is not the case. Here are some fields where you can be your own boss, even if you do not have a degree.

Real Estate Agent

When you go to work as a real estate agent, you are dependent upon your own savvy and your ability to form relationships. This is not something that is taught in a classroom. All you need to do is pass the right licensing exams and you are on your way. Then, you will go as far as your own skill will take you. What gets you ahead in the field is your ability to be creative and entrepreneurial. By building your own reputation and network, you will be in a position to get some of the hottest listings.

Truck Driver

The business of being a truck driver is getting even more rewarding as the shortage of drivers gets worse. The booming economy combined with the dearth of drivers has pushed up the earnings of drivers. The average earnings of an owner-operator truck driver are around $162,000 per year. You will need some training and be able to pass several exams, but once you receive all of your CDL certifications, you will have the flexibility to run your own business. The best part is that your services will always be in demand.


Everyone always needs a plumber, especially when there is an emergency. This is a job where the demand never seems to go away. All it takes to become a plumber is vocational training, an apprenticeship, and a license. Once you establish your reputation and earn a handful of solid reviews, people will knock down your door to give you their business. At the same time, people who need a plumber’s services are in a position of necessity. Master plumbers can earn a six-figure income, and that number can increase if there are other plumbers who are working for you. While it takes time to reach that level, it is entirely possible given the demand for plumbers.

While a degree is certainly helpful in terms of career prospects, it is not necessarily a prerequisite to being able to have a rewarding and successful career. There are many career options like the ones above that can provide you with a decent living without requiring a degree. No matter what your level of education is, there are lots of great career options that are available to you.

Want to Start a Business? 3 Business Models to Know About Before You Begin

Having a business model is important because it gives you clarity on how your business operates. Key components of a business model are what problem you solve for customers, how you deliver value and how you earn money. Three common types of business models to work with are partnerships, franchises and person-to-person. 


A partnership is a legal agreement between two or more people to conduct business in a certain way. You can start a business as a partnership or create partnerships to improve your business model. Benefits of a partnership include decreased risk, more resources, shared workload, higher borrowing capacity, and more brainstorming power.

If you want to start a business with someone else, choose your partner carefully. Oftentimes, family and friends don’t make good business partners. Consider what qualities and skills you need in a partner as well as how disciplined and committed they are. Never go into business with someone who doesn’t keep their word or fails to complete tasks on time.


A franchise is a business that legally extends the rights to using its name and business model to others. McDonald’s is an example of a franchise. You’ll find locations all across the US. Each location is run by a different owner, although the brand name belongs to the franchise owner.

Opening a franchise location gives you a greater chance of business success because it’s based on a proven model. As long as you find a good location for the business, you should be successful. If you are thinking of joining a franchise, be sure to do your homework and find out what the best types of franchises to own are because not all franchises are equal in quality.


Person-to-person business models can be massively successful. Airbnb is an example of a company that uses a person-to-person model. The business takes a percentage of all listings on its website. They make the process of finding accommodations while traveling convenient for both people looking to make money and those who need a place to temporarily rent.

Take your time in crafting a good business model that is likely to be successful. Your business model outlines how you create and deliver value. The possibilities are endless. Choose a business model that works for your personality. Don’t like the thought of sharing ownership of your business? Then, you should make sure you maintain ownership.

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3 Things to Consider When Developing a New Product

No matter your industry of choice, whether you are an independent contractor, entrepreneur, small business, or startup, if you want to be efficient, you will need to be a lean manufacturer. To accomplish this, the first step is often to fully establish what features of a product your specific customers are willing to pay for relative to the process.

Complete a Value Stream Map

The value stream map helps evaluate the efficiency of your current business processes relative to where you want to take it and the current resources available. Completing a value stream map is critical to any lean manufacturing process. It identifies what features of a product your customers are willing to pay for, which increases the likelihood of developing a successful product in as economical a manner as possible.

Start with Your Niche

The better you know your client, the more likely you will be inside their heads and able to predict their wants quickly. Creating an ideal customer avatar is the best way to know your market fully. You must get as specific as possible about their demographics. This includes economic, sociographic, beliefs, hobbies, and favorite brands. In this way, even though the actual “avatar” you are targeting is very specific, you can create honest copy across all platforms that speak to the heart. The idea is that many of your potential customers will be able to resonate with your genuine words and the solution(s) your small business provides, as opposed to feeling exposed to slimy marketing.


Once you know exactly who you are talking to when you write, get obsessive. Get passionate. If you are making and doing something you love as an entrepreneur, small business, or startup, it will be easy to go deep. Only once you know exactly what features of a product your customers are willing to pay for, can you begin to build that dream you have been putting off. Start with what you love and use the resources you have. Research everything, including industry market demand, potential materials, materials sourcing, etc., and move up from there.

If you need to build in a lean way, and if you are an efficient business owner, you will definitely need to, then do what you can to get yourself off the ground. Manufacture lean and grow strong. Do not be afraid to do your research.

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