Earn Money to Travel the World Using Instagram Method

Hi Reader,

You can earn money to travel the world using Instagram methods, and I will explain it to you step by step.

Before we get started, let me explain to you the technique that other internet marketers are using to make money on Instagram.

The typical method to make money on Instagram is usually:

1) Pick a niche
2) Pick an affiliate or CPA program that could be sold to said niche (1). (Affiliate or CPA programs essentially provide ways for you to sell other peoples products. If you are great at marketing and don’t want to develop your own products, that is a great way to essentially outsource your product development. There are thousands if not millions of products to sell.)
3) Create a niche Instagram page
4) Add the affiliate or CPA program in a link in the bio description
5) Use some combination of posts and call to action to click your link. For example, a person in the fitness niche may market a supplement product and entice people to purchase their supplement product by clicking to it.

So I combined and came up with this method for anyone to earn money to travel the world.

So here it is.

1) Pick a target audience within the travel niche: Maybe you can target people who travel for leisure, people who choose to travel through Europe, Islands, USA, or you can use it specifically to fuel your own adventures (and make the Instagram revolve around your amazing life). This can just be a general Instagram “travel” page, but why be the same as everyone else?

2) Start an AirBNB account and register for the “Invite” friends program. Every time someone signs up they get $40+ (toward their vacation) and you get $20+!

Again, this means every time someone starts an AirBNB account through your link AND rents a place through AirBNB, you will get $20+. I say $20+ because sometimes I get $30+ per person who registers. I don’t know how that works, but sometimes I get the chance for more money if I recommend people.

And to clarify, the person does not pay you any money. They are simply going to save money on a trip they were likely already going to take!

3) Gather between 30-50 photos tied to your travel page (you can use a creative commons website like zipplist.co to find them for free)

4) Start the Instagram page for your travel page based on part (1), and pick 30 hashtags. Also include that you can get someone $40+ for there next trip. People need an incentive!

5) Add the link to your Instagram page, and include it with the different posts of those photos from part (3).

6) Keep posting.

You can even use this copy that I wrote:


Be spontaneous, here is $40 towards your adventure.

Do you have an unplanned weekend coming up?

Probably not, because maybe you are a workaholic… but you deserve a little spice.

Even if you have work to do, take your family to a nice cabin or condo near the beach – and do your work IN STYLE, with frequent breaks of course!

One of the most popular ways to travel today is through Airbnb where you can:

+ Book locations all across the globe – Your options are limitless
+ Find an exotic private space, perfect for you and your family – Change it up from a hotel
+ Experience a new destination for a day, week, or month – You don’t have to take a full on vacation, but you can, the choice is yours.
Sometimes a change of scenery is good enough to give you a recharge.


there is a bright sunny beach you wanted to stay near…
there is an outdoor hiking adventure you wanted to take…
there was a special someone you wanted to experience the city with…

Airbnb has a place for you.

A space that feels new, interesting, or even nostalgic. Try it out, even if it is only a couple hours away over the next weekend.

And on top of that, if you use this link below, you can get $40 off your first adventure. 

Ready to spice up your life? Click here ==> (Insert Your Link Here)


Happy traveling.

Life Hacks to Save Time: Amazon Fresh

What is one thing very successful and wealthy people recognize the tremendous value of?

What is one thing we can never get back that is more precious than money?


That’s right. How many times have you heard a phrase similar to:

“Don’t trade time for money, trade money for time,” or “don’t do what someone else can do for you better, and cheaper?”

Companies and people become successful because they know how to bring together the best people to take action on the best ideas. They also know how to maximize the way they spend their time.

What if you could have more time to pursue hobbies and other interests?

What if you could have more time to focus on finding more clients, or closing more deals?

What if you could find more time to spend time with family or friends?

The fact is, the only thing we can really do as people is maximize the time we have.

Here is a fun new, modern life hack that can save you time.

Amazon Fresh – and you can try it now for free.

Now some of us like grocery shopping, and it is a ritual that has been going on for centuries. But Amazon is changing that.

If you do not enjoy grocery shopping and prefer to watch your favorite show, spend extra time with your kids at home, study, or focus your creative mind, you can now have Amazon deliver fantastic foods right to your door!

And here’s another thing. When we are at the store, sometimes we might find that we see delicious desserts, or find ourselves buying snacks we told ourselves we should avoid.

The packages and aisles are designed so that you pass by those delicious foods you love, that may not be perfect for your health. Now, with Amazon Fresh, you can control your purchases better.

You also won’t have to worry about busy lines or making yourself look pretty before going out into public.

Anyway, Amazon Fresh is just one of those Life Hacks that could save you time and give you extra hours to do what you want to do.

==> Click here for your free trial.


How to Start a Tribe

tribe, networking, friends, connections, building a tribe, how to build a tribe, relationships, friendships, professional, business
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

1. Pick a passion you want to explore further (X).

What’s something you love and wish you could connect with others on a deeper level about?

2. Seek out people who are also interested in X.

Start with your closest friends and branch outward (e.g. friends, acquaintances, people you know on social media, etc.).

3. Talk to them about X.

Ask questions, listen, share opinions and recommendations. In person is better if others are local, but digital conversations will be more convenient.

4.  Continue talking to them about X.

It could be every day, once a week, etc. Agree to some sort of cadence.

5. Recruit new people who might be interested in X.

Ask the people you’ve been connecting with if they know anyone who shares X passion. Continue to seek out people online and locally.

6. Keep going.

You can make your tribe as small or big as you want it to be. What’s important is that you step up and be the leader others are looking for.

What tribe are you interested in creating?

Article originally posted on www.thelifeofriley.co shared with permission from the author.

How to Transform Failure into Success

We have all messed up at some point in our lives and it is easy to let those failures, disappointments, and mistakes haunt us.Think and Grow Rich, Success, Money, Finance, Investing, Book suggestion, Book reading, Quiz, Fun, Flowchart, warren buffett, james Altucher, Tony Robbins, Personal Development, Napoleon Hill

They remind us and often loom over us like an infinite shadow.

  • Maybe it was something we did or failed to do.
  • Maybe it was a choice we made that we no longer believe was the right choice.
  • Maybe it was an activity that ate up a huge portion of our lives that we regret and we feel we can never get that wasted time back.

But you can transform your failure into success.

We hear it all the time, phrases like: “‘learn from your mistakes,’ ‘focus on your strengths,’ and ‘do not dwell on your past.'”

But how do you do that?success, wealth, think and grow rich, money, finance, self control, discipline

Let’s try right now in three simple steps.

Step One

Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of ten times in the past you believe you failed or disappointed someone or yourself. This can be anything major or minor (this is great practice).

Step Two

Next to the first list, write down something you learned from them or how those events make you a better, stronger person.

Step Three

Write down how you can apply the lesson you just learned to some practical way of improving your current situation right now (or some project in the future).Think and Grow Rich, Success, Money, Finance, Investing, Book suggestion, Book reading, Quiz, Fun, Flowchart, warren buffett, james Altucher, Tony Robbins, Personal Development, Napoleon Hill

Get into the habit of doing this and you can transform everything into your own personal lesson for success. And what’s more, you can use these lessons to help others.

How Will You Spend Your Riches?

There is an obstacle keeping many people from financial wealth.  personal development, wealth, success, law of attraction, think and grow rich, spending, capital allocation, visualization, money, riches, bank account, how to make money, capital allocation, investing

One of which is not believing they deserve it.

Another obstacle is not knowing what to do with wealth should they attain the amount they want. Let us remove that obstacle right now.

Many people just say, “I want $1 million” or “I want to be a multi-millionaire.”

If you’re reading this, you probably already visualized the numbers in a bank account.

Maybe you even wrote yourself a check for that amount already.

Let us take this a step further through visualization and writing.

Without focusing on “how” you got there, let’s focus on exactly where your riches are going to be allocated in the future. 

The wealthiest people in the world know where to and where not to put their money, aside from their own personal extra luxury expenses.

Investors know what companies to put their money in, oil magnates know the most effective ways to obtain and distribute oil, the frugal wealthy know exactly what they want out of life, and more.

To get started, imagine your net worth was suddenly increased to $100 million. Chances are you do not have all of that in liquid cash, as that would put your money at tremendous risk.

You want this money to last you your lifetime, as well as protect generations of your family, but you also want it to grow.

Remember, the incredibly successful have cultivated their ability to spend wisely over many years.

Begin visualizing the answers to these questions below:

  • How many houses do you own?
  • What businesses are you invested in?
  • How much do you keep in liquid cash?
  • Breakdown your $100 million into different percentages and categories, for example, “$30 million is in the stock market, you own $50 million in properties, you have four cars worth a total of $1 million, etc…”
  • Breakdown the costs of the objects in one of your houses (or all).
  • What industry have you mastered?
  • How much money to do you need to live, annually? (i.e. taxes, food expenses, etc…)
  • What does your closet look like, and how do those tie into your $100 million?personal development, wealth, success, law of attraction, think and grow rich, spending, capital allocation, visualization, money, riches, bank account, how to make money, capital allocation, investing

Do this exercise on your way to financial success and find that it will help you obtain whatever it is you are looking for.

Believe and understand that once you can see it, dream it, feel it, plan it,  then you can achieve it.