“The Boron Letters” by Gary and Bond Halbert Book Review – Learn to Write Conversationally

Learn to Write Conversationally

“The Boron Letters” was a series of letters written by a successful copywriter named Gary Halbert to his son Bond. What’s more is the letters were written from prison, and they primarily share Gary’s life pearls of wisdom ranging from thoughts on how to stay fit, tough, and how to make money.

The book does not spend a tremendous amount of time “teaching copywriting.” And for the most part, the letters get straight to the point on many of the learnable concepts. There is no excess selling of an idea or excessive explanation to make the book longer.

They are straightforward letters of a man trying to connect with and teach his son some valuable life lessons.

While I have personally read many books on copywriting and writing to persuade, “The Boron Letters” had a unique touch.  It helped open my eyes to the art of letter writing.

When I told my girlfriend about the format of the letters, she shared stories about how her grandmother used to write like that, and that is just how people who prided themselves in their letters wrote back in the day. That was fun to learn.

Although the takeaways were relatively simple such as take time to run, wake up early, and a few tidbits on how to write good copy, the overall tone of the letters had an impact on me.

Throughout my reading of “The Boron Letters” my biggest takeaway was how to write more conversationally, or how to write to a friend. This is an important skill that might be lost as the art of letter writing takes a back seat to Twitter. However, it does not mean it is any less valuable.

Overall, “The Boron Letters” was a fun quick read that you can pick up and put down between letters which only take a few minutes at a time to finish. There is some actionable wisdom, but more than anything, even if you already know some of the ideas in the book, you could aim to appreciate the style of writing and find a way to apply that to your content.

As someone who reads books like these to gain more in-depth learning, I give the book a personal 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars. I took some points off because while some books spend too much time explaining ideas, I felt this book spent just a bit too little time explaining how to do the things that were promised.

Think of the importance this way… People are more likely to buy from someone they like.

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Making money online is easy

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In this video, you will learn how to make money using the internet, and you will:

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3 Hot Tips to Get You Promoted This Year

There are few things more professionally rewarding than being in a career that has plenty of opportunities for advancement. Of course, it can be difficult to attain those promotions, but there are a number of things that you can do to help yourself stand out. All it takes is a little bit of motivation, and you will get noticed. Here are some tips that can help you to move up the ladder as soon as this year.

Take on Additional Responsibilities

Accepting and taking on more responsibilities at work is definitely one way for you to get noticed more at work, and you’ll also increase your chances of being considered the next time there is a promotion vacancy. explains that one of the first things you need to do before taking on extra responsibility is make sure you’re doing the basics. Things like showing up on time and working your expected hours, interacting well with others and looking presentable, showing your ability to be reliable in doing small things, meet deadlines, meet or exceed current job goals, and being able to present successful reports or results show that you are ready for more.There are several ways for you to go about accomplishing this. First of all, one of the simplest ways is to talk to your supervision and simply ask him or her if there are any extra projects that you can take on. Another smart strategy is to offer to lend a hand to coworkers who appear to be busy or stressed out.

Becoming an expert in your field is also a good start, so devote some time before or after work to study up. Finally, engaging in the fun stuff can help others see you as a good coworker, and supervisors will remember that come promotion time.

Get Educated

Although many only think of education occuring before entering the professional world, constant training and learning can help you get a leg up on the competition. Maryville University explains that many leadership jobs require you to get more formal education and additional certification. This can be a great way for you to be recognized as an expert in your line of work. Moreover, the beauty of education these days is that you can complete most of it online. Of course, you might just be seeking professional development courses, and you may not need a full educational course. Perhaps you already have the degree and want to continue to learn. In that case, there is an immense amount of Linkedin Learning courses that you can take to help yourself become more promotable.

Pay Close Attention to Detail

It might seem obvious, but while you are taking on extra responsibilities and getting educated, be sure not to neglect the regular duties of your job. Attention to Detail Online Courses explains that no matter what field of work you find yourself in, a high attention to detail pays back in dividends. The first thing you need to do to develop your attention to detail is start getting organised. If you are organized you will be more on top of things, and you will also notice when things aren’t right. Paying attention to detail in every aspect of your job will definitely get you noticed.

Keeping these tips in mind is definitely a good start. Learning how to recognize obstacles and make plans for overcoming them is a valuable skill to have in the business world, but also in your personal life. Never stop progressing and you will be well on your way to getting a promotion in the coming months!

4 Careers to Consider if You Enjoy Working with People

Are you a people person? If so, then you should strongly consider a career where you will be working with them on a regular basis. There are many careers where you can put your talents and people skills to work. Making a difference in the lives of others can be very rewarding. Here are some careers for you to consider.

Social Work

One of the great things about being a social worker is that you have the opportunity to help people cope with and solve personal problems in their day-to-day lives. A social worker will develop plans to improve people’s well-being and refer them to community programs that can assist them in living fuller and healthier lives. Following up with each client is also an important part of this profession.

At the very minimum, a bachelor’s degree is required in order to become a social worker. Many individuals obtain a master’s degree. With proper education, you can acquire state licensure and begin work in hospitals, government offices, nursing or residential centers, and sometimes even private venues.


Counselors change people’s lives every day, and can be found in either educational or medical settings. They devote their time and efforts to individuals, groups and even communities to help them improve their mental and emotional well-being. Listening skills are a must if you are going to be a good counselor. Counselors often work with individuals who are dealing with anger, substance abuse, bullying, self-esteem issues, depression, or other obstacles. Most counseling positions require a master’s degree and an internship or the equivalent. To pursue this career path, you must also be licensed. The job outlook for therapists will always be strong.

Firefighter and EMT

The roles of firefighter and emergency medical technician are often combined these days, and professionals in this field help people in a variety of situations. Besides rescuing people from fires, they are usually the first upon the scene at an accident. This is a good career for people who can keep calm in the midst of chaos, and those who can respond decisively in a crisis.

911 Dispatcher

A 911 dispatcher helps save lives by answering incoming emergency calls. The job is to ensure people receive the help they need in a variety of situations. This is a great position for someone who is resourceful. On one call, you might be talking to someone concerned about a possible intruder in the home, and on the next, you could be speaking with someone about a relative who isn’t breathing. The one thing that all callers have in common is that they all need help, so if you are good at communicating in an emergency, this is the job for you.

This is a sampling of careers where you can be of genuine benefit to people. There are many others. Look around until you find the right path for you.

If you are searching for a new career or thinking of opening a business, Chance + Confidence has many resources to help you get started. Check out some of our educational resources to get started on the path to your dream career!

Give Your Career a Boost by Taking Classes Online

A career never has to remain stagnant. Regardless of your profession, there are things you can do to take a career to the next level. The steps, of course, require a mix of hard work and motivation. No easy routes exist for people wishing to get ahead. However, there are some modern conveniences available for career-minded people to explore. You can thank the tech industry for some of the most significant innovations. The arrival of online classes covering multitudes of subjects and disciplines ranks among them. There are three good reasons why you should think about enrolling in such courses.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Money isn’t everything, but the potential to boost your income could be a strong motivator. Hands on Banking explains furthering your education may very well deliver a much-desired increase in earnings. Think about the person reviewing applicants who are seeking promotions and raises. This decision-maker looks over the qualifications and backgrounds of those who apply. Why should you continue to fall short due to educational limitations? Explore online distance learning programs that could put you back into contention.

The knowledge gained from online courses could even open doors to a new career. This new job could be a full- or part-time endeavor. Either way, a different path may lead you to significantly more income.

Online Classes Make Great Use of Multimedia

During the stone age of distance learning, before today’s technologies, students took part in correspondence courses. Mainly, these mail-order courses relied on printed materials and audio tapes. Modern distance learning programs, however, present the full scope of multimedia advancements. eLearning Industry explains, “one of the best advantages of online learnings is you can learn whenever you want, and however you want!”

Digital video and audio files play prominent roles in most online classes. Video presentations aren’t always pre-recorded as live lectures serve as centerpieces with many programs. Private sections of an online class’ website could allow for interactions with other students. Forming a virtual study group among fellow students is not uncommon with such courses.

Multimedia internet learning goes beyond the limitations of traditional courses. Look for even more technological advancements to develop in time.

Why Online Classes Are Great

Listing all the positives associated with online classes could fill an entire book. The vast array of available classes stands as a top benefit, but convenience and flexibility may be the two traits that appeal to most. Rutgers explains that online classes offer many benefits, including being able to learn from anywhere, according to your schedule; being able to balance your studies with other life commitments; and getting different one-on-one interactions with professors.

If there existed one top benefit, it would be the ability to move forward with educational goals. Without access to online learning, many students wouldn’t be able to take advantage of educational opportunities. Online classes take away barriers.

3 Steps Toward Overcoming Any Obstacle in Life

We all face challenges and obstacles in life en route to achieving our goals and dreams. It’s almost as if you are excited, then start the work, and then roadblocks start to appear. Perhaps you want a new job, but you’ve applied to countless openings and no one is responding. On the other hand, maybe you want a relationship, but everyone you meet seems to be a mismatch. How can you take your first step? What are you doing wrong? How do you overcome the obstacles to reach the other side? Keep reading to learn more.

Identify Obstacles

This is about embracing self-awareness. Healthy Sense of Self explains that people who are self-aware recognize when their emotions have a negative impact on their work, on themselves, and/or on the people around them. They also recognize when their emotions help or assist them in their work, and are able to use their emotional state to be successful. If you don’t see the obstacle for what it is, then you will find a way to blame everything else for the roadblock standing right in front of you. As a result, the first step toward overcoming obstacles is to identify the obstacle. If you place the blame on everything else, you will fail to see the real issue. Once you have identified the obstacle, then you can plan and make the necessary adjustments to move forward towards your goals.

Change Your Habits

They say old habits die hard. But if you’re trying to make adjustments in your life, then perhaps you need to change your habits as well. This is certainly a process and will not happen overnight. To illustrate, if you needed to lose 30 pounds, then you will certainly need to change some eating and exercising habits to improve your overall health. And if you feel as if the obstacle is too big for you to overcome, then take baby steps.

Summit Malibu explains that if you’re feeling down about your progress, any type of physical activity is good, such as short walks throughout the day that can keep you motivated, help clear your mind, and even get you through a rough patch or a time of frustration. Then, when you let go of stress, you can press forward in achieving your goals.

Focus on the Small Successes

Say you have a big goal to one day own your own franchise. Presently, you work as a bartender. So, how can you jump from bartending to business owner? It almost seems like a pipe dream. But, remember, there are many successful business people who took small steps to reach their dreams. So, focus on the small successes. Mapped Out Money explains that rapid changes are the ones we usually congratulate and admire, but rapid changes aren’t sustainable. For long term success it’s all about lifestyle and recognizing and rewarding successes of all sizes. If you’ve started researching the cost of owning a franchise, then you’ve already begun the process. You should pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative. Then, if you have started saving some of your income, that’s another small step. If you’ve scheduled a learning meeting with a successful franchisee, that’s another step. With each small step you take, you’ll become much more confident that you’re well on your way.

As you can see, overcoming obstacles isn’t as difficult as it seems. Keep your eye on the prize and congratulate yourself for every step forward.

How Can I Reduce Employee Turnover?

Employee turnover is expensive. Not only do you lose money when you have to put out ads for the same job that you filled only a few months ago, but you also have to spend the time to retrain a new person. Don’t forget about the stress that it puts on your current employees as they have to pick up the slack when you’re looking for and training the new person.

Retaining employees is a top concern for many companies, and if you want to keep your employees for years or even decades instead of just six months, you need to find strategies for finding the right people and then for keeping them happy. Here are three strategies that you should incorporate into your employee retention program.

Have a Thorough Hiring Process

Hiring the right person up front is going to save time and energy later down the line. Obviously you can’t know everything about someone before hiring them, but making sure your hiring process is truly finding the best candidates is important.

As Berke points out, hiring people whose innate traits do not match up with what’s required of the job often results in turnover. An assessment helps you identify and steer clear of potential mismatches. You can even use a variety of assessments so that you can avoid people who either won’t enjoy the job or who don’t have the aptitude to learn the position’s requirements.

Be Clear About Expectations

If your employees don’t know what’s expected of them, you’ll be spending a lot of time coaching. Some training is necessary and even welcomed by employees, but if you have certain employees who don’t feel competent at their job because they are constantly receiving special guidance, they might not enjoy the job.

We all want to feel like we’re good at what we do, and many people feel lost when they think they’re getting a lot of negative attention but don’t know how to fix it. Make a list of basic job descriptions and quality standards that you expect your employees to meet, and show it to your team right after you hire them so that they can work toward specific goals immediately. You also need to incorporate ongoing conversations and training so that employees know what’s expected of them.

Create a Positive Work Culture

People want a great place to come to work to every day. If the environment is pleasant, they’re more likely to stick around longer. Many employees want to feel respected, so if you’re the boss, make sure that you’re modeling good behavior. Disrespect has a way of infiltrating the entire organization. If you want your employees to treat each other the way that they would like to be treated and to enjoy each other’s company, there are several techniques that you can try.

‘One technique is to incorporate team development activities. Many of these are designed to improve communication and empathy as well as to create a time when people can enjoy each other’s company. Another technique is to invest in your employees’ well-being by incorporating wellness challenges into the workplace. These may include programs focused on fitness, mindfulness, financial wellness, and intellectual growth.  To create a healthy work culture, you can also spend some time staying engaged with employees and making people feel secure about the job that they’re doing.

You know that you want to keep your best employees. To do this, you need to put in the extra effort during the hiring and training processes. You also need to put in the effort to make going to work a positive experience, and to make sure you are being the most effective leader you can be.

The 6 Deadly D’s of Business Partnerships

When starting a new business, people tend to join forces with trusted friends and family members. Don’t skip the partnership agreement because you trust your partners. Instead, draft a careful agreement that spells out what will happen in the event that you encounter one of the six deadly D’s of partnerships.


Unless other arrangements exist, it’s the court who decides how marital assets get split during a divorce. This means that after your business partner gets divorced, you may find yourself in business with their ex, whether you want to be or not. Opportunity Knocks explains, “exes of business partners can be entitled to a share or portion of the business. This could be up to half. In many instances they will take a buyout, but that could sink an already struggling business.” It’s important to protect the business from this possibility.

If the business partnership happened before the marriage, require your business partners to get a prenup agreement that protects the business. If partners are already married, draft the partnership agreement in a way that requires spouses to sell back any shares of the business they are awarded during a divorce.


If a business partner goes into debt, the bill collectors may have the legal right to seize their assets, including their portion of the business assets. When creating your company, consult with an attorney and choose a limited liability or corporate business structure to protect the business assets from individual creditors.

Drug Use

When establishing a partnership, remember that addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can find themselves battling an addiction, including you and your business partners. According to The Recovery Village, “it’s important to create boundaries, financial and personal, that protect you, your family, and others who may be negatively affected by an addict’s behavior.” Boundaries also help you avoid enabling your partner.

You should try, of course, to maintain compassion for your addicted friend. Stage an intervention and do your best to get your business partner the help he or she needs. Help the business as well. Add provisions to your partnership agreement detailing steps business partners can take to prevent the addicted partner from hurting the company.


Perhaps a once gung-ho business partner has found a new passion or must now devote themselves to caring full-time for an aging parent. Whatever the reason, one of your business partners may opt to leave the partnership at some point. Make sure your partnership agreement provides clear provisions for doing so.


Sometimes a business partner suffers an injury or disability that forces them to leave the partnership. Provide an exit strategy so that a partner can leave if they must.

Your partnership agreement should also detail when a disability can trigger a buyout. You’ll want to outline a strategy that lets a disabled business partner leave voluntarily and agree to the terms under which you can force a disabled partner out if necessary. Northwestern Mutual explains, “A disability overhead expense policy is designed to reimburse the business for certain operating expenses if the owner becomes totally or partially disabled. It’s a conversation that no one wants to have, but it’s an essential one for the long term success of a business.”  Business partners often carry disability insurance on each other so that one can afford to buy the other out if the need arises.


It’s important to outline what happens when a partner dies. How you handle a death is up to you and your partners, but make sure you agree on what you will do before it becomes necessary. According to Collateral Benefits Group, “many times partners will invest in a policy where partners carry life insurance on each other so that a buyout is possible in the event of a death. That way in the event of an untimely death, the family of the person who passed isn’t burdened by a company they don’t know how to run, and the business can stay afloat with a sole leader.”

This six deadly D’s all affect business partnerships and can do so quite suddenly and unexpectedly. The best defense is to have a plan in place that takes all these possible contingencies into account.

There are many tools and resources out there for your business success. Take some time researching those on this list to help you be better prepared for business!

Starting a Healthcare Business: 4 Things You Need to Know

The healthcare industry is one that’s in need of innovative businesses that can fix broken ways and deliver effective solutions, but it’s also one that comes with its own set of complexities; substance abuse treatment centers are an example. At times, this can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, you took the first step to simplify the process of starting a healthcare business by ending up here. Here, you’ll uncover four of the most important things all healthcare entrepreneurs need to know when breaking ground within this industry.

Insurance Is a Bit Trickier

When you go to insure a healthcare startup, you’ll find the insurance regulations can be stricter than in other industries. This could mean that you’ll have to pay extra attention to the way you do business in order to ensure compliance. You should also be prepared to handle the insurance companies of your customers if your line of work involves using their insurance for your service offerings.

Marketing Needs Will Differ

Marketing in the healthcare industry has been a hotly contested topic the past couple of years. TD Marketing Solutions explains, “in the past year, there have been new regulations being passed and proposed in various states, and some of them include laws targeting digital marketing practices to new policies from advertisers such as Google and Facebook.” Substance abuse treatment centers are an example, as they’ve been a major focus of the federal government due to unethical marketing practices that were used in the past.

Since you’ll be in an industry that has a direct effect on the health of others, it’s mandatory that you’re careful when it comes to the wording and presentation of promotional materials. Below, you’ll see some of the ways you can ensure the most solid and ethical marketing approach possible:

  • Avoid making any false statements or statements that could be taken negatively.
  • Follow the rules and regulations set by the advertising platforms you use.
  • Make sure you diversify your promotions, as this allows for a backup if disaster strikes.

Healthcare Embraces Social Responsibility

Not every business can provide pro bono services to prove that they’re socially responsible. However, contributing to government research and giving back to the community in ways that are feasible will help your company. While the healthcare industry is projected to grow, companies that work to be socially responsible in the eyes of the public are always the ones that get further in the long run. 

Laws and Regulations are Constantly Evolving

This is one industry that’s continuing to refine the laws and regulations that govern it to ensure the most responsible way of doing business must be utilized. Young Upstarts recommends, “HIPPA, the Affordable Healthcare Act, the FDA…these are just some of the many regulatory bodies and reforms that you should consider. Many potential business owners just give up when considering all of these and more, saying it’s all just too much. That doesn’t have to be you.” Stay on top of blogs and news outlets to ensure you know about changes as they happen. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you don’t get surprised or find your company in non-compliance should a government audit of its practices occur.

If you keep an open mind and continuously educate yourself on industry standards, then this can be a prosperous line of business to be in.

For more information, help starting your next business, or if you’re just wanting to improve yourself, get in contact with us! We help professionals become their best selves.

Life Hacks to Save Time: Amazon Fresh

What is one thing very successful and wealthy people recognize the tremendous value of?

What is one thing we can never get back that is more precious than money?


That’s right. How many times have you heard a phrase similar to:

“Don’t trade time for money, trade money for time,” or “don’t do what someone else can do for you better, and cheaper?”

Companies and people become successful because they know how to bring together the best people to take action on the best ideas. They also know how to maximize the way they spend their time.

What if you could have more time to pursue hobbies and other interests?

What if you could have more time to focus on finding more clients, or closing more deals?

What if you could find more time to spend time with family or friends?

The fact is, the only thing we can really do as people is maximize the time we have.

Here is a fun new, modern life hack that can save you time.

Amazon Fresh – and you can try it now for free.

Now some of us like grocery shopping, and it is a ritual that has been going on for centuries. But Amazon is changing that.

If you do not enjoy grocery shopping and prefer to watch your favorite show, spend extra time with your kids at home, study, or focus your creative mind, you can now have Amazon deliver fantastic foods right to your door!

And here’s another thing. When we are at the store, sometimes we might find that we see delicious desserts, or find ourselves buying snacks we told ourselves we should avoid.

The packages and aisles are designed so that you pass by those delicious foods you love, that may not be perfect for your health. Now, with Amazon Fresh, you can control your purchases better.

You also won’t have to worry about busy lines or making yourself look pretty before going out into public.

Anyway, Amazon Fresh is just one of those Life Hacks that could save you time and give you extra hours to do what you want to do.

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