3 New Jobs That COVID-19 Has Created

There has been a lot of cause for concern with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of thousands have fallen ill, and many have died. Some who have fallen ill have suffered ongoing effects beyond the normal span of the disease. Many people have lost their jobs. At least in this one area though, COVID-19 has given back some of what it took. The heavy onset of the coronavirus has actually created multiple new jobs for people to fill.

Contract Tracers

Contact tracing is far from a new concept. Historically, it has been done to address the spread of illnesses and diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and STDs. This occupation has enjoyed a significant boost as of this year thanks to COVID-19. States around the country are hiring people by the thousands to fulfill this role. Contact tracers are responsible for reaching out to people who have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 and alerting them so they can take necessary precautions. This job can easily be done from home both part-time and full-time. To qualify, take an online course and pass the exam within 72 hours of completion. Most states are hiring contact tracers or likely will be soon, with pay varying from state to state.

COVID-19 Compliance Officer

With all the new mandates and policies being handed down from virtually every level, there’s a lot for a business to keep track of. Enter the COVID-19 compliance officer. These people have the job of keeping track of such regulations and ensuring that they are appropriately applied within the business setting. Duties will vary from business to business. They may be the ones responsible for performing a job hazard analysis. A job hazard analysis can identify where changes in workplace practices need to be made. Once those changes have been identified, they can get to work on enforcing them within the business.

COVID-19 Tester

Of course, most of this starts with identifying individuals who have contracted COVID-19. That’s where the testers come in. Being a COVID-19 tester means either being a healthcare professional or being thoroughly trained and tested as a technician. Their job is to administer COVID-19 tests to those who think they have the disease or have been exposed to it. There are many different types of tests that can be done. Staying up to date on available testing methods is a must.

The new jobs created as a response to the coronavirus pandemic has been something of a silver lining for multiple people. Jobs as contact tracers, COVID-19 compliance officers and COVID-19 testers are among a few of the occupations that have been added to the job market since its onset. If you want to do something meaningful for work, try one of these occupations that play an important role in tracking the virus and keeping people safe.

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The Best Metro Areas to Live and Work in the South

Over the past few years, families and working professionals have flocked to cities in the southern United States. Consistently, Southern metro areas have been ranked as some of the best cities to live in the US, combining job opportunities with great standards of living. Discover how southern cities are leading the way and why they’ve become the best places to live and work.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is an area with a long history and way recently ranked the best big city in the southeast. Not only can the city be a great career move, it also provides a welcoming and friendly community. Whether you’re moving here on your own, or have a family in tow, there’s plenty of ways to keep entertained. The area is made up of tight-knit communities, which combine old history with new innovation. Enjoy the many museums and parks surrounding the city, or hit up the great bars and restaurants that make up the city’s nightlife.

Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta area is among the fastest-growing cities in the country. It’s the 24th best city in the country for jobs and for those starting their career, Atlanta was ranked in the top 10 cities for recent grads. It’s the home of sixteen different fortune 500 companies, including Delta Air Lines and the Coca-Cola Company, as well as prominent startupsThese successful industries have also created a robust downtown and nighttime scene. In fact, Tripadvisor ranked Atlanta’s nightlife as #1. For newcomers with families, Atlanta’s robust housing market encourages them to stay. Everyone can stay and enjoy the history of the city, its many museums, year-round sporting events, and the beautiful trails and parks surrounding the city.

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond has consistently ranked well in terms of industry and livability. The city provides many opportunities in a wide range of fields from information technology to healthcare. Besides its thriving job market, Richmond keeps its residents entertained with great parks, historic districts and a rich art scene. The downtown is also great for residents, with great bars and restaurants for a night on the town.

Whether you’re looking for a successful career, great nightlife or a good place to raise a family, consider these southern cities. Each area has continued to develop and grow its industries, allowing newcomers to stay and enjoy the area.

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How You Can Make a Late Career Change

Sometimes you need to change the direction your life is going. Maybe your job isn’t fulfilling, you need more time for your family, or you would like to try increasing your salary. After you’ve done some soul searching and personal examination to make sure this is the right path for you, all you have to do is start. Here are some tips to help you get started on changing your career.

Make a Gradual Change

Just because you are planning on changing your career doesn’t mean that you have to change your career all at once. Many of the new careers you may be considering take some extra schooling, training, or it might just take time to find a position. If you quit your job as soon as you plan to pursue your new career, you will have no funds during the extra months to years of training and job hunting.

Almost no one is prepared with all the funds and training they need to make that switch immediately, so staying on your current job while taking night classes or doing online school to train for your new job is best. When you’re ready to start your new career, you can switch to part time in your current career until your feet are completely under you.

Taking time to make a career change also gives you the time necessary to do it right. You can take time to really investigate what career you want to switch to, make a plan, and save money if necessary.

Gain the Right Qualifications

You need the right qualifications to make your resume look good for future employers or build a portfolio. Do plenty of research about your desired career. Call or set up a meeting with someone who is currently in the career you would like to have. They can give you valuable advice about what skills are in high demand in the career and how to get started. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Most careers require some training or school, so look for programs for your desired career. Online schools have a lot of advantages that in-person programs don’t. If you have an extremely busy life, doing school online gives you more control over your schedule. Often, online schools can also be more easily accessible and cheaper as well.

Believe That It’s Possible

The fastest way to fail in switching to a new career is giving up. Maybe you don’t think you have the skills or can’t learn fast enough. Maybe you think that no one will want to hire you. But that’s simply wrong. You are still at the prime of your life, and some mid-life change is inevitable and maybe even necessary. Late-career changes happen all the time, and if you know that a career change is what will be best for you and your family, there is no reason to stop.

Regardless of the reason you are changing your career, making a late-career change can be extremely intimidating. But it can also be extremely thrilling. Take this chance to change your life for the better.

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How to Make Your Product Listings Sell Themselves

When you post your product listings online, you may wonder if anyone will ever actually buy them. Putting your business products online can be terrifying. But you can attract your audience’s attention to your webpage and get them to buy your products. Here’s how.

Use Visuals

One way to get people to buy your products is to use visuals such as professional photography. People want to know what they’re buying, and they want to see all the options. If you’re selling stainless steel water bottles, for instance, and you have ten different colors and three different types of caps, you’re going to need images of all the designs so that your customers can pick which design they like. For other products, such as clothing, you may need to include charts so that your customers can buy the right size. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product that did not live up to your expectations. You want to give your customers a good experience on your webpage so they will buy your products and giving them visual information that will help.


But you have to provide more than just visual information. Your customers will not be able to glean everything they want to know about your product from just a few images. They will have questions, and if their questions go unanswered, they likely won’t purchase your product. In fact, 53 percent of consumers are likely to abandon their purchase if their questions go unanswered. Therefore, on your product listings, you need to include frequently asked questions about the product. You may not be able to think of every question your customers could have, but by providing as much information about the product as you can, you build trust with your customers.


Establish Credibility

Building trust with your customers is important because, without credibility, you will not have anyone want to buy your product. To build credibility, you need to make sure your website is easy to use on all devices and is professional. You can include testimonials about your product as well. Establishing your image as a trustworthy, professional business will help your customers trust your products and keep your business operational for years to come.


Selling products online can seem overwhelming, but with a little work, you can sell your products. Using visuals, providing information, and establishing your business’s credibility will enable your business to thrive.

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3 Essential Things You Need to Expand Your Business

If you’re planning to take the next step in your business, congratulations! This is undoubtedly an exciting time for you. But expanding your business will often mean you’re facing a new set of challenges. It’s important to prepare yourself for this by securing the necessary essentials for success. Here are the top three.

A Good Marketing Plan

In order to expand your business, you’ll need a good marketing plan. It will be incredibly difficult for your business to expand without one. By using a good marketing plan, you’ll have the direction you need to bring your business dreams to fruition.

As you create your marketing plan, you should set some short-term and long-term goals. As you measure your progress, your performance will improve. You’ll be able to see the ways in which your plan is working, and the ways in which it needs to be revised.

Efficient Shipping

Efficient shipping is a necessity if you want to expand your business. If your current shipping process is inefficient, you’re likely to lose time, money, and customers. In today’s world, many customers are used to receiving their orders within 24 hours. They can be turned off by having to wait more than a few days or pay more than a few dollars for the shipping of their orders.

There are many factors which will impact the efficiency of your shipping. One of these important factors is your choice of truck drivers. It’s important to make sure your truck drivers are compliant. If they aren’t, you could be at risk for a number of liabilities.

Dependable Employees

As you probably already know, it’s nigh impossible to run a successful business all by yourself, let alone expand it. Spreading yourself too thin will leave you tired, burned out, and unable to expand your business in the way you planned. As you plan to grow your company, you’ll need to surround yourself with a loyal support team.

As your business expands, your workload will increase, so it’s a good idea to hire a few more dependable employees who can take some of that burden off your shoulders. Hiring competent employees will free up time for you to focus on making your business as good as it can be.

Give yourself the best chance for success in your business by arming yourself with a good marketing plan, efficient shipping methods, and dependable employees. These are three essential items you won’t want to go without in the future of your business.

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How to Make Yourself a Stronger Job Candidate

So, you’re looking to get a new job. That’s great! But how can you make yourself stand out among perhaps hundreds of other candidates for what might be only one position? Easily. No need to worry—there are a few things you can do to guarantee you’re one of the applicants the employers remember.

Go Back to School

Adding new skills and education can make yourself a more attractive job candidate. Not only does it show you are qualified and know your stuff, but it also increases your worth to an employer.

Going back to school doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient. Take advantage of online opportunities to further your education, such as programs for online licensing. Choosing an online licensing program can come with many benefits. Online, you can earn certifications, licenses, and even degrees, which allows for greater flexibility and less financial strain than you’d perhaps face in pursuing an on-campus education.

Refine Your Resume

Your resume is an essential part of any application. You want it to be targeted for the position for which you are applying. A really good resume, showcasing what you could bring to a certain job, will help you stand out further and hopefully get an interview.

It might help to have a professional resume service look yours over and make recommendations. They may catch issues or notice ways you can improve which may not be evident to your own eyes. Perhaps you have grammatical or spelling errors, or maybe your style is outdated. Professionals will be able to pinpoint places where you can polish up your document.

Make a Good First Impression

When it comes time for an interview, how you introduce yourself—even to the employee at the front desk—can make a lasting impression. Conduct yourself professionally and pleasantly. Dress well, make eye contact, and smile. Even your body language will communicate a message.

Do your research before your interview. Know about the company and the position so you can really wow your audience and make sure they remember you. Then, follow up with a thank-you note. Referencing specifics from the conversation can make a big impact on the person in charge of hiring. If you make an effort to present yourself as a kind, genuine person, they are more likely to want you on their team.

There are many ways to increase your desirability as a job candidate. Even the larger steps such as returning to school for further education can be completed easily. There is no reason why you can’t be the applicant who stands out in the hiring process.

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Crucial Tools You Should Take Advantage of to Get a Job in the Healthcare Industry

Although the healthcare industry is often hiring new employees, getting a job in this industry can be difficult. There are many factors which will influence your job-seeking process, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of all many different tools in order to give yourself the best shot possible. If you’re interested in getting a job in the healthcare industry, scroll down to read about three crucial tools of which you should be taking advantage!

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for people to find jobs in the healthcare field. LinkedIn gains two new users a second, so it can be a great tool for networking. When seeking a job in the healthcare industry, take the time to write a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. Fill it out as completely as possible, and choose your words and pictures with care. This will not only improve the quality of your networking connections, but it will show your potential employers that you are a detailed, thorough employee who values your career.

Networking Events

Networking events can help people get a job in the healthcare industry. People in this industry are generally extremely busy and spend most of their time dedicated to their patients. However, there are still a few ways where you can make connections with professionals in the industry. Conferences, professional healthcare associations, online networking sites, and co-workers are some great ways to network in the healthcare industry. It’s also important to spend time networking in other ways; your networking doesn’t have to be limited to a formal event. As long as you focus on creating, building, and nurturing relationships, you will make connections that will advance your career and enrich your life.


Signing up for volunteer work can be beneficial for your job-searching process in many ways. Volunteering will give you important hands-on experience dealing with all types of medical situations and emergencies. Volunteering will also boost your chances of getting a job by showing prospective employers that you are enthusiastic about your career and are willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Donating your time as a medical volunteer will help you in many ways and it can provide the connections you need to get your dream job in the industry.

LinkedIn, networking, and volunteer work are three crucial tools of which you should take advantage if you are looking for a job in the healthcare industry. If you use them well, your job hunting will be much more effective.

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Becoming Your Own Boss: What to Take Into Consideration Before Starting Your Own Business

There are several different jobs you can take on during your professional life. It’s no doubt that you usually start off small and have to reach your way to the top. However, that’s not always the case. If you have that streak of independent ambition, you might choose to become your own boss. Working for yourself can be a very empowering and enjoyable experience. Before deciding to work for yourself, there are some details you should take into consideration before starting your own business.

Type of Business

You may have a business in mind already, or you might be starting to brainstorm exactly what you’d like to do. According to Franchise Gator, franchise businesses are available in a variety of industries and come in two types, business format franchises and product distribution franchises. This is a great way to build a successful business off an already developed brand. However, maybe an already established brand is not right for you and you want to develop your own business from the very beginning. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you have a passion for.

Your Financial Situation

No matter what, it’s evident that money is needed to start a business. If you don’t have the money necessary to start up a business, becoming your own boss might not be the best situation for you right now. There are certainly challenges to overcome, and you’ll need to prepare yourself for any rough patches in the early stages of your business. Take into consideration that most businesses don’t always take off right away. That being said, it’s a good idea to have enough savings put aside for any unexpected expenses that will likely come up.

The Time it Takes

If you’re very career-minded, you probably have enough time set aside to make your dreams of starting your own business happen. According to Secret Entourage, if you have a family, home and social life, you might not be too thrilled with the amount of time it takes for you to get started with your enterprise. Expect long hours at the beginning while everything gets up and running. Once business does pick up, you’ll likely still be working some long days during the busy time of year or when your company demands extra attention in order to boost sales.

When making the decision to start your own business, there are several details you want to keep in mind. It’s important to choose the right type of business to start, consider your financial situation and costs as well as the time it will take to build your dream. Making these decisions early on can help make your business dreams become a reality.

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What You Should Think About Before Taking a New Job

Are you tired of your old job? Do you enjoy your job, but there’s a tempting offer on the table? Or are you just in need of a better one? Regardless of the reason for starting a new job, the decision to take a new position should not be taken lightly. These decisions can be the key to your success, or the start of a downward spiral. In order to make sure you choose wisely, consider the following.

Your Long-Term Goals

What are your long-term goals? Do you want to move up in a company? Do you want to start your own company? Is there a specific industry you want to work in? Depending on the answer, you may want to reconsider your choices. If you want a high paying position in a large corporation, you will probably need to start at the bottom and work your way up. Leaving now could burn important bridges. On the other hand, if you want to start your own company, joining a small company could give you valuable experience. You can also prepare yourself for a consulting position by working for a variety of companies.

You need to consider how your new job will help you reach your goals. If you don’t have any long-term goals, you need to set them. People who set goals are far more likely to achieve them than those that don’t set goals.

Work-Life Balance

What is the work-life balance compared to your current job? The job might pay more, but does it require more of your time? Is it really worth a few extra thousand dollars a year to be putting in that many more hours? Unless you really love your job, most people find happiness in having quality time away from work. You want to find a position that respects that. Ask the company recruiter for the contact info of someone with a similar position. Ask them what they think about the work-life balance.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is why you are taking a new job. Why are you making this transition? Is it for the money? Is it for a more enjoyable experience? Is it to work with friends? You need to be honest with yourself. Once you leave a job, it’s usually very difficult to get that same job back. If you’re going to go through with it, you need to know why.

Once you’ve considered all these things, it’s time to act. Make your decision and stick to it. Make sure that you listen to your heart. You don’t want to make a decision that you’ll come to regret. At the end of the day, if your heart feels good about something, you’re going to be happy.

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How to Make Better Use of Your Employee Training Program

There are many advantages to optimizing your employee training program. You can increase productivity as well as employee retention. Work function can become more efficient, and profits may also increase. Here are some suggestions on how to make your employee training program more effective in order to improve business overall.

Make It Goal-Oriented

Creating specific goals with your training program is an effective way to make the most out of it. Rather than have employees train with a vague approach, key into specific aspects of the job so that you can gauge their interest in relation to the job. Take, for instance, truck driver training. While there are many aspects to this job, there are some things that are specific to the task, like dealing with loneliness on the road. Establishing learning goals like these will allow your employees to engage with the material better, so be sure to have clear goals in sight and checkpoints you can monitor as your employees are going through training.

Adopt a Hands-On Approach

There is nothing more effective than a hands-on approach to employee training. In the case of a truck driving job, for example, there are many benefits to using a simulator in your training program. Logistically, there are many steps involved in a safety training course, such as location scouting, hiring a qualified educator, safety reviews, et cetera. Consider applying an employee training software that can provide a simulation aspect in your training program. This is a safe alternative with jobs that could be potentially hazardous. These kinds of hands-on training tools help with building skills, acquisition of new knowledge and reduction of costs, and they can be used many times.

Be Open to Feedback

Your employees know their work and themselves best. While employee training is important, another way to make it the most impactful is by collecting feedback from your new workers before and after training. Prior to the training, conduct a short survey to see which areas the employees have questions about, what they feel the most confident with and the areas of improvement they see for themselves and the company. After the training, conduct another survey to see what the employees learned from the training and which elements they think could be improved so that they can conduct their tasks better. These forms of communication between employee and management are effective ways of making the most out of employee training.

When used effectively, an employee training program can ensure that your company retains only the most qualified individuals for the job. It can also help identify areas in your business that need improvement for the success of everyone involved.