7 Savvy Ways to Save Money for Your Business

As a small business, saving money is a top priority. You don’t have as much wiggle room as larger businesses may have, and you need to allocate each penny wisely. In order to save money for your business, it will benefit you to focus on employee retention, manage printing costs, get office supplies, minimize food costs, get less office space and also hire contract workers. These things will help enable any business to keep their costs to a minimum and conserve their funds for expansion and improving your product.

Employee Retention

One of the best ways to save money for a business is to focus on employee retention. Since each employee costs a considerable amount of money, it is essential to keep them with the company on a long-term basis. In order to do this, it will help to provide incentives such as bonuses as well as good working conditions. You will also want to pay each employee a fair market value salary so that they are getting the compensation that they seek. As a business, it will also help to offer them generous benefits as well as health insurance, dental insurance, a 401K plan and even vacation time.

Office Supplies

Another way to save money for your business is to be smart about the office supplies you use on a daily basis. One of the best ways to get inexpensive office supplies is to get them in bulk. By getting these items in bulk, they will last longer and give your business more time to use them. A company will also want to consider going to retailers that sell office supplies at discount prices and also take advantage of occasional sales. By taking advantage of these options, your costs of office supplies will be much less.


Along similar lines as general office supplies, printing documents and marketing materials can be quite costly, so monitor your office’s printing habits. In order to do this, you will want to conserve both toner ink and paper. Can you print double-sided documents? Can you print in “draft” mode rather than full-quality? Print out documents and promotional materials that you need, but consider switching to digital documents wherever possible. You will also want to look into discounts on printer ink and a more efficient “smart” printer.


How much do you spend on electricity, heat, and water for your office? If you’re like most, you probably just flinched. It takes a lot of these resources to keep things like computers and printers running and to keep your employees comfortable. And if your office has high ceilings or is a fairly large space, your office electric bill is probably higher than what you pay for your house’s utilities. Fortunately there are many energy-efficient ways to cut down on utility use while also being environmentally-friendly. Smart thermostats, smart lighting, solar panels, automatic shutdown sockets, and smart water management can all make a big difference in the check that you write to your utility company.

Office Space

One of the best ways to save money as a small business is not to pay for office space that you don’t use or need. Rent is expensive, so anything you can do to minimize this monthly expenditure will add up fast. Definitely consider the different kinds of rooms that you actually need for the size of your business; there’s a difference between meeting rooms and conference rooms, for instance. If you need to expand, consider outsourcing rather than hiring more employees. If you’ve had to downsize, move into a smaller office. If you have an extra conference room, consider renting it out.


Whenever a business is looking to save money, contracts are another thing to consider. With a contract, a business can have a legal promise of getting paid for service rendered as well as agreeing to work with a particular vendor. This will help with ensuring a commitment between multiple parties and ensure that payments are made on time. As well as contracts, hiring contract workers can also save money for a business. These individuals will not require a company to pay payroll taxes as well as benefits. As a result, a business will have more money available to use for other things.

Accounts Receivable

Use a form of mobile payment systems and invoicing services in order to save on overhead for chasing down the money owed to your company. Most people are constantly immersed in their phones these days and if the reminder to pay you isn’t on their phone, it rarely gets done on time. With mobile financial services, you can text your customer reminders and directly send them secure bills with their reminders. It takes 90 seconds, on average, for a person to respond to a text message which means, it becomes easier for them to pay their bill to you. This reduces the time needed to constantly call and follow up on unpaid invoices and increases the likelihood that your customer or client will pay sooner if all they have to do is click on your text message instead of going to a whole new location to make the payment.

Saving money wherever possible is smart practice in business finance as well as personal finance. There are many ways to slim down your company expenditures on regular costs such as food, office supplies, and office space. By strategically cutting costs in critical areas, any business will be in the position to make more profit without making noticeable sacrifices.

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