4 Well-Paying Careers You Haven’t Thought Of

There was a time when the top three careers (healthcare, law, and upper management) were the only places you could obtain a high paying job. However, times have certainly changed within just the past few decades, and with that change comes new demands. Now you don’t have to choose from only three options; the world is truly your oyster. The following are our top four well-paying careers you haven’t thought of.

Air Traffic Controller

A career as an air traffic controller is often never anyone’s career choice. I mean, it can’t pay that much right? False, air traffic controllers are paid very well due to their incredibly important roles as navigators for city airports. In fact, an experienced air traffic controller can earn as much as $122K per year.

Pharmacy Technician

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to grow by 32 percent. This means employers are ready to roll out the benefits in order to meet the demand. Pharmacy Technicians in most states have to pass an exam and attend some mandatory training, but nothing like medical school and residency. A pharmacy technician can see themselves earning upwards of $40K a year.

HVAC Repair

Unfortunately, labor jobs are often painted as beneath other careers that require a degree to obtain. However, there are certain labor jobs, such as being an HVAC repair technician. The fact is that both residential and commercial buildings will need HVAC repair at least once or twice a year. Thus, many technicians find themselves working year-round with a salary of up to $51K per year.


Do you like swimming and are you very good at it? Try your hand at a career as a SCUBA diver. Contrary to popular belief, SCUBA diver careers are not only found within military or law enforcement fields but in all kinds of fields. One of the most in-demand positions is that of a repairman for boats and or underwater equipment. Other industries hiring SCUBA divers are aquariums and golf clubs needing to clean their lakes of golf balls. A SCUBA diver can see themselves making a comfortable 50K+ a year.

A high paying career in today’s world doesn’t always require a university degree. There are plenty of careers out there that if you put the right research and effort behind can be a gateway to that amazing high paying job you’ve always wanted.