4 Careers That Today’s Job Market Desperately Needs

In today’s competitive job market, it can often be difficult to find a career that is a good fit for your talents and interests, and that also meets your salary requirements. If you are looking at launching a new career, it is important to know what jobs are in most demand. Here are four desperately needed careers in today’s market:


Despite the automation now present in many industries, there is always a need for good accountants. Accounting professionals are at the top of the organizational chart in many companies, making this an excellent field to pursue for those wanting to strive for upper management positions.  The field of accounting comprises a vast number of specialties including financial analyst, auditor, controller, and bookkeeper. Because of the different skills needed for each of these subsets, it is vital to ensure that you have the necessary qualifications.


In today’s increasingly wired world, the demand for cybersecurity experts has continued to grow exponentially. The threat of viral attacks and compromises in computer networking have made the field of cyber-security one of the most in-demand industries in the world. Because of the increasing demand, more schools are adding these specialized degree programs to their offerings of IT studies. Careers that rely on a strong background in cyber-security include security consultants, cryptographers, security analysts, and more.


With many companies moving their business to the internet, the need for a strong communications department goes with it. Whether it’s creating a marketing campaign that speaks to a specific audience, or a content writer delivering information to the public, someone with a strong communications background is highly being sought by companies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job growth in communication careers, especially for media professionals who can create, edit, and transmit content on a variety of platforms. The greatest growth is for public relations specialists, where 22,900 jobs are expected to be added from 2016 to 2026.


Like education, the need for quality healthcare professionals will never diminish. Not all jobs in this industry require a doctorate degree. Nursing assistants, medical secretaries, pharmacy technicians, and radiation technologists are just a few of the career opportunities available to those wanting to pursue a path in healthcare. With robust growth, jobs in the healthcare industry continue to skyrocket thanks in large part to a host of emerging technologies opening doors for new specializations.

With research and careful planning, you can ensure that you are choosing a career path that will provide enjoyment and job security for the remainder of your working years.

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  1. Business advice.  Specifically marketing.  As well as getting and maintaining new clients and revenue streams.  Without revenue coming in you won”t have a business for long. Also location independent income stuff.  I”m curious as to how it would work, and if I”d be able to apply it.  Potential services would be: Accounting and IT services.  Hopefully I”ll be a licensed CPA soon.  I plan on getting a CISA certification as well.  Potential paths: Tax, setting up and auditing accounting information systems, internal financial audit to insure that the owners employees aren”t stealing from him.  As well as potential IT security audits or setting up IT systems for small businesses. I”d like to run my own business.  I just don”t know if it”s doable.  Getting clients is difficult, and most small business owners seem to work crazy hours.  Ideally I”d like to combine my IT networking and computer security background with my finance and accounting background. NYC house

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