3 Tips for Living a Successful Life

Dear Ambitious Reader,

Before reading this article, define what success means to you.

The easiest way to do this is to grab a pen and paper and write down your personal definition. The definition will look different for everyone and ranges from living a better family life to

Think and Grow Rich Original Unedited 1937 Text
“Think and Grow Rich” Original Unedited 1937 Text Cover

having a scientific discovery.

Let this be unique to you. It does not have to be perfect right now, but it does have to be done.

If you need help on how to define success, here is a fill in the blank template to get ideas flowing:

“To be successful means having a net worth of [ Amount of Money ] earned through my career achieved by becoming the best at [ Activity / Skill / Industry / Job ]. It also means to have an [ Adjective ] lifestyle where I have the freedom to do [ Activity ] with family and friends who care about me.”

After you have written down your personal definition of success, here are:

3 Tips for Living a Successful Life

As we already know, the concept of success changes from person to person.

We hear stories all the time about businesspeople, artists, athletes, scientists, and more on the news and we just know that person is successful.

And here’s the thing, all of their stories are completely different. One person is in technology and another is an industrial magnate. One person grew up rich and grew their family business and another slept on the floor.

But all of them have strong foundations everyone can cultivate. It is within your reach to begin creating your very own success story right now.

Control Your Own Mind

It is not about learning complex business strategies or computer programming. This is about taking control of your mind to accomplish these tasks:success, wealth, think and grow rich, money, finance, self control, discipline

  1. Maintain positivity
  2. Use your creativity in whatever form that is
  3. Taking productive actions

No one can take this away from you and countless success books depend on the principles of managing and taking action on your thoughts and ideas.


Another aspect of your life you have complete control over and it does not take very much to get started. When your mind is ready to take action, your body must be capable of enduring. 

exercise, yoga, fitness, fitness success, success, successful

The desire to live longer and healthier has been around for centuries. Billion dollar industries are dedicated to helping people appear, feel, and be younger. Regular exercise is one way to “do-it-yourself.”

Do not let your body go to waste. You do not need to spend hours per day, but you must spend some time on exercise.

Combine Ideas

One great way of creating something new is to combine multiple ideas.

Ideas, success, combine ideas, how to be successful, success, wealth, businessIf you spend so much time trying to come up with an idea that has never been dreamt of before, you could be sorely disappointed to find out there are already iterations of it on the internet, and possibly let that stop you before you even start.

The overall combination of you as a person and your life story is a unique combination in itself.

Make your story more compelling by combining ideas in these few steps:

  1. Choose a general direction for your idea.
  2. Find previous iterations of your idea (patent office and successful business or product research) – if there is absolutely none, and you believe it will help a large number of people, use your mind to take action!
  3. Pick one or a few of those iterations, study what made them fail or succeed, then add your own unique twist, story, or spin on it.

For example, let’s say, you just thought of a mobile app that allows people to manage multiple part-time work schedules which also syncs with the individual’s places of work.

Do your research and when you find a few similar ideas, throw your own unique twists such as whether you will focus on the managers’ user experience or the customers.

Whether your first goal is to focus specifically on franchises or whether you only want to work with large restaurants with only 2-5 regional locations at first, pick one and combine it with your original idea to create something more unique.


money, wealth, success, financial wealth, wealth


Essentially you want to add an extra layer of value so you can earn money.

Get started with these three tips everyone can take action on at this very moment to start living a successful life.

To hear more about how you can begin achieving the success you desire, here is a great book to get you started:

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Wish you success, go forth and prosper.