3 New Jobs That COVID-19 Has Created

There has been a lot of cause for concern with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of thousands have fallen ill, and many have died. Some who have fallen ill have suffered ongoing effects beyond the normal span of the disease. Many people have lost their jobs. At least in this one area though, COVID-19 has given back some of what it took. The heavy onset of the coronavirus has actually created multiple new jobs for people to fill.

Contract Tracers

Contact tracing is far from a new concept. Historically, it has been done to address the spread of illnesses and diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and STDs. This occupation has enjoyed a significant boost as of this year thanks to COVID-19. States around the country are hiring people by the thousands to fulfill this role. Contact tracers are responsible for reaching out to people who have been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 and alerting them so they can take necessary precautions. This job can easily be done from home both part-time and full-time. To qualify, take an online course and pass the exam within 72 hours of completion. Most states are hiring contact tracers or likely will be soon, with pay varying from state to state.

COVID-19 Compliance Officer

With all the new mandates and policies being handed down from virtually every level, there’s a lot for a business to keep track of. Enter the COVID-19 compliance officer. These people have the job of keeping track of such regulations and ensuring that they are appropriately applied within the business setting. Duties will vary from business to business. They may be the ones responsible for performing a job hazard analysis. A job hazard analysis can identify where changes in workplace practices need to be made. Once those changes have been identified, they can get to work on enforcing them within the business.

COVID-19 Tester

Of course, most of this starts with identifying individuals who have contracted COVID-19. That’s where the testers come in. Being a COVID-19 tester means either being a healthcare professional or being thoroughly trained and tested as a technician. Their job is to administer COVID-19 tests to those who think they have the disease or have been exposed to it. There are many different types of tests that can be done. Staying up to date on available testing methods is a must.

The new jobs created as a response to the coronavirus pandemic has been something of a silver lining for multiple people. Jobs as contact tracers, COVID-19 compliance officers and COVID-19 testers are among a few of the occupations that have been added to the job market since its onset. If you want to do something meaningful for work, try one of these occupations that play an important role in tracking the virus and keeping people safe.

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