"Prepare for Opportunity"

We come across opportunities for success every single day. The terrible service at a restaurant? That is a chance to start a new restaurant. Friend asking for help? There are probably many more just like them that want help for the same problem. House for sale sign? They are looking for a buyer.

Maybe your idea of success does not involve business and you just want to improve your self awareness or emotional intelligence to create better professional and personal relationships. 

Or perhaps you even know everything you should and could be doing, and you choose not to. Maybe you are stuck in a rut and are not sure of what is happening. It could be in your head, and there are great tools to help you get over those slumps as well.

At Chance and Confidence, we address the many obstacles people face when trying reaching their goals. This includes obstacles to financial success, health, relationships, or simply improving self awareness. 

We find information from all over and bring together the top resources, inspirations, thought leaders, courses, ideas, and more to help you live a better life.

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On Business Ideas

Our motto is “Prepare for Opportunity” and while it is easy to say, sometimes it is difficult to recognize these moments for fulfillment. We can define for this section that an opportunity is a moment that can provide fulfillment. This might mean a financial business opportunity, or donating to a cause that you believe in, or simply finding ways to make more free time so you can go fishing. We are big believers that businesses and entrepreneurship help solve the worlds problems which is why we are proponents of business ideas. We combine concepts related to self awareness, self improvement, and personal development. A great person with a great business can have a tremendous impact. See what SAP has to say:

Looking to overcome personal obstacles?

Business ideas are great if you are ready for them, and if you even want them. Some ideas can land in your lap and you may not even recognize it or have the resources necessary to put them into action. These are personal obstacles, and sometimes they take time to recognize.

Others are in great careers they absolutely love,  and are perfectly fine and comfortable where they are.

Perhaps it is some level of personal success outside of the workplace you are looking for. This success must come from within, and bringing out the best in you might cause you to want to pursue greater opportunities.

If you are more focused on overcoming your personal obstacles and getting past some challenges you are having, take a look at our Personal Development section to include pages such as:

Or check out some of our book reviews...

Books are an important way to learn from some of the greatest minds in history to include business leaders, scientists, philosophers, celebrities, and more…

Most people think of books as a chore…

Or they think about books simply as stories…

But books can provide mentorship. Imagine being able to learn the business tips of Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, or John D. Rockefeller.

Imagine learning about marketing, sales, space travel, writing, interviewing, and just about any topic you can possibly imagine from some of the most successful people in their field. These are the doors that books open. 

Yet a large number of people stop reading after high school…

Here are some reviews for books that can change your life: